An Interview with Colonel DatBoiRiven

This is our second post in the series, “Interviews with the Soldiers.” Colonel Boi is one of our longest-serving members and shares his impressions of RFCP and the fun times he prizes.

Q: What are your special skills at RFCP?

A: Well i do artworks and make logos for rfcp and another one is to keep my loyalty with rfcp

Q: What makes RFCP special?

A: What makes rfcp special is that its like a family. We treat each other with equaliy and respect and we show what a good army can be.Also we can make some funny jokes here at rfcp

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: My favorite color is green cause it is good for the eye.

Q: Tell us about the most fun you’ve had at an RFCP event.

A: Oh so the most fun i’ve had at rfcp is that after we were done at the hq we got to see swag penguin of omega security talk to prior but the way they talk to each other is like perfect.

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: Hmm. Well Prior is a great guy at heart. He wouldn’t let a single soldier down even me to. Something that surprised me is that he is very serious all the time but when you get to know him hes like a chill dude but kind of funny to at the same time.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say? This is your podium.

A: One more thing that I would like to say is that… ur soldiers can lead you to many great things. They are core of your army. They are the example of a man who would unexpectedly sacrifice there own life to save someone. People say you win wars with guns and ammunition…u don’t. The real thing that lets u win wars is your men. In peace, sons bury their father, In war, fathers bury their sons. Our sons pride of our army. Lead them straight and true. There road will be long and hard. Men’s souls will be shaken under the violence of war. IN THIS HOUR OF GREAT SACRIFICE WE SHALL PREVAIL! And also one more thing….prior gets weird after 3 a.m. lol

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