RFCP Gets a P.O. Box

Commander Prior Bumble has opened an official PO Box for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

“Our soldiers have the right to submit official documents and letters physically to their army,” said Prior. “This address goes directly to me and adds a level of seriousness to our organization.”

Prior reminds the readers that P.O. boxes are not free.

Starting immediately, not only all RFCP enlisted, but anyone who operates with the army, are welcome to utilize the mailing address of the army.

Address RFCP mail to:

Commander Prior Bumble

PO Box 747

Centreville, VA 20122

Everyone may preserve their privacy by opting to not put a return address on what they send (but understand this risks the parcel being lost in the mail, so write with clear, careful penmanship). It is asked that if you do use a return address, you use your penguin username and not your real name.

It is requested that you let Prior know when you have sent something so a trip can be planned to pick it up.

The irony of “747” doesn’t go unmissed. Is an RFCP air force in the future?

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