An Interview with Corporal Kailey310

At the time this interview was conducted, Corporal Kailey310 was only an Agent in the RFCP, the army’s lowest rank (not counting the non-combat rank of Enlisted). In a bold move, this rookie Agent private-messaged the Commander himself and proposed she be interviewed. She had just emerged from her first battle, and felt the brand-new perspective would be compelling. Commander Prior agreed, and hopes this interview can illuminate RFCP to newer members.

Q: Welcome to RFCP! You are a brand new soldier. Can you tell us about your first impressions of RFCP? Give it to us straight!

A: I really appreciate how family oriented RFCP is. I felt very welcome right away. I was really surprised how comfortable it is right away. It truly is a family.

Q: What is the first thing a potential new soldier should know about being in a Club Penguin army?

A: It takes a lot of dedication. It’s not the kind of thing you can give only half of your effort for. Come to meeings, come to battles, and celebrate with everyone! You always have to give 110%! The effort is truly worth it!

Q: Did you ever think you’d fall into something like this?

A: Absolutely not. I’ve always seen armies advertising and just rolled my eyes. I probably would have never joined if I didn’t literally fall into it. I was looking at igloos and stumbled upon a gathering. I was like “Oh everyone is dressed up, that’s cool!”, so I dressed up too. Before I knew it I was taking orders and yelling ERAT IPSO SACRA!

Q: Is Prior the legendary and untouchable figure some seem to stake his reputation as? Or is it a myth?

A: Honestly, not when you get to know him. Sure he is untouchable to the enemy, but not to his agents. He’s really approachable, encouraging, and makes sure to listen to everyone’s ideas. Don’t get the wrong idea though! As a leader he is indeed untouchable! If I were the enemy. I’d be shaking in my boots!

Q: Your first battle was today. Describe the emotions of Club Penguin warfare.

A: It was hectic but really exciting! Our best moment is when we scattered and broke up the enemy’s formation! I felt really proud of everyone and very accomplished.

Q: What are your goals personally in RFCP?

A: I want to move up in the ranks! I thrive off of leadership roles. When the battle is raging and we need to push harder, I want to be the one encouraging it and leading the fight. I want to be someone everyone can count on and look up to. I’ll get there someday but for now I’ve got a lot to learn.

Q: Anything you want to say to our readers, especially newbies to RFCP?

A: Even if you don’t think being in an army is right for you, give it a shot! You might surprise yourself, and we will too. ERAT IPSO SACRA!

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