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The Ultimate Alliance….?

On Saturday, July 20th, 2019, RFCP was approached by two small armies to become a Big Brother in what they called the “Ultimate Alliance.” The armies were Dragons of Club Penguin (led by Lapis and Rose) and the Light Blue Army (led by Hyper).

Commander Prior brought this proposal to the officers in the restricted command room channel, and it was discussed. RFCP replied with these terms, and the Ultimate Alliance accepted. The officers of RFCP were pleased to see that our successes and growing strengths attracted smaller armies (which we once were not too long ago). The Big Brother situation reflects that of the New Viking Alliance, in which EGCP is our Big Brother. Make no mistake that RFCP seeks to be in the Big Brother position as well.

All was quiet for a while. But then things took an odd turn. Suddenly Prior noticed that Zeke of the LGA joined the Ultimate Alliance discord. Shortly after, Hyper of the Light Blue Army, without consulting Lapis and Rose, declared that the Ultimate Alliance would become a colony under LGA.

Hyper was then heard to say, “I send Prior on his shit.” The announcement soon came to us:

While it is easy to wield fury at Hyper and the Light Blue Army, we know how the LGA manipulates, and Prior tried to extend empathy.

Ultimately, the Ultimate Alliance disbanded because of the friction between the armies at the prospect of becoming an LGA colony. However, Light Blue Army still joins Cosmic Army in an alliance with LGA. These political events tell us much about how the LGA is on the prowl for new support. Just this morning, Cosmic Army, much less capable than LGA, transferred a server to them, probably in exchange for continued alliance.

Prior values grit, and, in discussing it with the NVA leaders, found this to be a weak move difficult to respect.

What is the takeaway here? It is important for us to understand and study the shuffling of allegiances that is occurring as the War of Smoke and Sour continues to brew. It is also important to conclude that the increase of foreign figures approaching the RFCP intrigued to work with us proves our rapidly rising power and stature in the field of CPA. Just this week, we have been approached by a Club Penguin Online League executive eager to have us join their army league instead of CPA one. Two secretive identities have also reached out with proposals. We have had members join our discord seeking to enlist without even having been recruited. Prior has earned a reputation among the foreign powers.

We are even becoming highly renowned in-game on CPR, even when we are not present.

But most importantly to Prior is how he is reputed among his soldiers, the ones he loves.

That, to him, is the ultimate alliance.

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