Erat Ipso Sacra!

RFCP had a hard day today: an invasion by Lime Green Army, which succeeded and claimed our server, White House (CPATG), and a recruitment event that yielded no new blood. With the exception of the LGA leader Zeke, RFCP was appalled by the behavior of this army and their as-of-today leader, Xing (“Xigger” on CPATG), who hurled unsportsmanlike slurs against homosexuals (calling our soldiers “fags”) and claimed he would “fuck” our dog. Although it was a server win for LGA, we feel it was a class and dignity win for RFCP. Political tensions against the LGA and the RPF continue to rise. RFCP is in talks with the New Viking Alliance to address the political conflict ahead, but has not made a formal stance at this time.

Prior would like to use this opportunity to introduce RFCP’s new motto, however, which debuted in battle at today’s defense!

The official motto for RFCP is “Erat ipso sacra!” It is Latin for, “Hold the sacred ground!”

The motto originated from Prior’s iconic affinity for the iceberg of Club Penguin. He often could be heard saying, “It is sacred land,” in the HQ room when others asked why RFCP was so determined to protect it.

Since the Golden Age of Club Penguin armies in the late 2000s, the iceberg was the prime battleground. It is a flat, white expanse, perfect for formations and crowding. It also is silent. Go there and no music plays; only the lap of the ocean against the ice. Throughout all the years and evolution of the game, the iceberg remained unchanged. Truly it is sacred ground. The RFCP has maintained a reverence for the iceberg and the armies that bled there before them — some of Prior’s own blood, from when he wore another uniform, soaked into that snow as well. RFCP does not flee, and it always shows up. Faced with forces that outnumber it by four times, still it holds its ground. Although the iceberg is the literal meaning behind the motto, a metaphorical meaning is attached to these words as well:

ANYWHERE that RFCP holds its ground is sacred ground.

Erat ipso sacra!

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