Scavenger Hunt ANSWERS and More!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The logo hunt week has concluded! RFCP reporter Da Best reveals answers and prizes.

Hello, troops of RFCP!

Last week I gave you all a challenge, and that was to find all the logos hidden in old blog posts and then send them to me. The first three to win were promised triple-digit Bumble Buck prizes, and all to complete it afterwards would receive $50 BB.

We had a few responses, and in this post I will go through where every answer was and say who won the overall prize.

What was the hunt about?

The hunt was about going to look in old blog posts for these logos, like this:

Players took a picture of where it was at, and noted down the number on the logo. The little game was for a bit of fun and to play around a little as it was one of my first posts, so I wanted to make it appealing. You also needed to find all of Prior’s kidney stones, which the answer was:

Where were all the logos hidden in?

Below are all of the blog links and the number of the logo next to it: 15 212 432 12 42 63 30 502 46 13 52 10

You also needed the sum of the numbers, which was 1429 ( for any #feddiegate investigators reading out there, there are no other connections to it i hope…!)

Who is on the podium?

In order of who finished the hunt the quickest:

1st Place Field Marshal Anilia

2nd Place Field Marshal CoffeeBean

3rd Place Colonel Sillabyee


If you want to see something like this on the blog again, make sure to send Da Best#6362 a note and include any suggestions you may have to improve this series. Thank you to everyone who played–comment on this post if you did (and sent your answers to Da Best) to receive your $50 BB–and we will do this again in the future with maybe more logos or more hiding spots. I will also use this moment, if Commander Prior keeps this in, to say that if you have any burning questions for Commander Prior for a special upcoming blog post, please DM me, and also DM me which HICOM you want to see me talk about next!


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