Know Your Homeland! An Overview of RFCP’s Sixteen Servers

Since the conclusion of the Peninsula Wars, the RFCP has regained old servers, acquired brand new ones, and defended longtime domains. As of today, it claims the largest amount of servers in its history at a whopping 16 territories.

When soldiers are called to defend a specific server, does it really mean anything to them? Does is matter if RFCP owns White House instead of, say, Sled? What happened on those servers that give them unique meaning to the army? Much like how States in America evoke memories of their unique features (rolling hills, aqua coasts), so should the servers of the army be known in the hearts of the RFCP footmen fighting for it.

The map of CPA is divided by three continents. On the left is the various CPPS continent; a mosaic of the odd, standalone CPPS’es like Oasis and Penguin World. In the center is the continent of CPR (Club Penguin Rewritten). And on the right dominates the continent of CPATG (Club Penguin Armies: The Game).

But for those of you who only joined in the past month, you may be surprised to know that the map didn’t always look like that!

Above is how the map of CPA looked when RFCP joined the league. For a period of time, we owned the servers White House, Beanie, and Antarctica. Antarctica is the only once-owned server lost to a battle which we have never gained back. It was taken by RPF during our infancy, and five brave RFCP soldiers fought for the entire duration of the battle against 25+ RPF soldiers.

At this time, please join us for a tour of your servers, in an effort to foster patriotism and to bring greater understanding to what makes up your own backyard.

CPATG Servers

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the Capital of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. This server was annexed from LGA and successfully defended in the War of Smoke and Sour. It acquired significant sentimental meaning after it hosted the memorial service for fallen RFCP officer, Col. DatBoiRiven. It also hosted such events as the Feddies and other creative endeavors in the RFCP Renaissance (see this History page tomorrow for new writing on this recently-named era of RFCP history). It was temporarily stripped of its Capital status in favor of server Marshmallow, but what followed was a strong tendency of RFCP soldiers to still regard it as the RFCP capital in their hearts. It was officially reinstated as the Capital on September 3, 2019. There, it became a part of the “Big Three” capital triangle of RPF, EGCP, and RFCP, and also the horizontal strip of capitals recently referred to as “capital district.”

LEFT: Big Three of Tuxedo (RPF capital since 2007), Fiesta (EGCP capital, made infamous by a Nacho vs. RPF battle that maxed 120 total and boosted the server to three bars, the highest its ever been. Why was it so depopulated in original Club Penguin heyday? Because it was an Ultimate Safe Chat Server. The armies battled nonetheless, and the tactic “Grub!” originated from this battle)

RIGHT: “Capital District”

White House

White House was acquired freely by RFCP in the CPA “Server Shuffle” that took place in early June 2019. CPA was adding servers and randomly assigned one to every army who registered for one.

Above is a photo of what White House looked like when RFCP obtained it. Historically, White House was owned by many different armies and oftentimes served as the capital due to its presidential name. Previous owners of this server include the Underground Mafias Army (UMA–fun fact, this is Lt. Lucky Quinn’s former army), Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF), Watex Warriors, Army of Club Penguin (ACP–Oagalthorp’s army which Prior fought alongside in the PRA), Nachos, Light Troops, Redemption Force, and Army Republic, in that order. It is RFCP’s 2nd oldest still-owned server.

Great White

Great White was the last contended acquisition in the Peninsula Wars, RFCP’s second war with LGA. At this server, Commander Prior led what he calls, “The battle of my career.” Known as the “Taking of Great White,” it was the site of the only colonial combat RFCP participated in with the Duck Knight Army (formerly known as Duck Defenders) and hailed by hordes of spectators as one of the most visually stunning battles in modern CPA history. Historically, is was LGA’s capital from 2013-2014, and in 2016.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero are the only islands owned by the RFCP. Thus, once freely surrendered by LGA in the Peninsula Wars, Commander Prior threw a luau there and declared it the Commander’s vacation home with his island oasis. Currently, RFCP is pushing to rename Sub Zero “Southern Lights” and name Southern Lights “Sub Zero” so that Southern Lights can be below Northern Lights. Historically, is was owned by the Watex Warriors, the Golds, and the Pretzels.


Hockey was acquired by RFCP in a historic trade deal with RPF in exchange for the former RFCP server, Chinook. Many in the army praised this trade as Hockey is twice the size of Chinook, and bears the name of Commander Prior’s favorite sport. Historically, it switched hands from small/medium categorized armies in the former leagues.

Cold Front

Cold Front is considered the key incendiary server of the Peninsula Wars. As freeland, and arguably the largest/most attractive territory of the quadrant, it was simultaneously scheduled by LGA and RFCP for invasion and sparked the feud for the northeast peninsula. RFCP captured it in the second battle of the war known as the “Siege of Cold Front.”

Wool Socks

The furthermost server to the northeast, Wool Socks was colonized by Duck Defenders in the name of RFCP and transferred to the fatherland. Upon announcing their retirement from CPA, Sage of Mopia, with Commander Prior’s permission, chose this server to host Mopia’s final goodbye party, and last mopping up of the island, which will include a trip to RFCP’s well-known bar, Lucky’s, to mop up RFCP’s mess one last time. Historically, Wool Socks was the cherished server of the Army Republic, because its AUS leader was named Fluffy Sheep.

Ice Bank

Although devoid of historical significance, Ice Bank was the site of the 2rd battle of the Peninsula Wars, where LGA retreated after only one room. It pressured the enemy by pressing against the then-LGA capital, Blizzard (CPATG). Upon winning this server, RFCP achieved geographic dominance in the northeast peninsula.

Southern Lights

Ironically, Southern Lights is RFCP’s furthermost north server, which is why Commander Prior is petitioning to swap its name with Sub Zero. It was invaded as a freeland server by the army. No other known historical significance exists.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is an older RFCP server. It was acquired in the War of Smoke and Sour, and defended during one additional battle, totaling two battles in the war. Both battles are marked by the largest body of soldiers Commander Prior ever single-handedly led, many of them EGCP troops. It was also the only place he ever commanded the leaders of the EGCP, including one of his idols, Edu14463. Finally, it was here that Prior’s famous “I have walked among the wild, and the wild is you” speech was delivered.


Cloudy was colonially obtained for RFCP by DD. Historically, it was the capital of the Dark Warriors.

CPR Servers


Marshmallow was gifted to RFCP by Mopia. After disputes with how CPR was being run, Mopia withdrew from the continent and chose RFCP as the recipient of the server due to RFCP’s kindness and “wholesome” reputation that won Mopia’s admiration. The transferring of the server was a sacred moment between Sage and Prior, and holds immense emotional weight. Many in Mopia visited RFCP’s Discord server to say, “Take care of Marshmallow <3.” Traditionally, Marshmallow is the 2nd most populous (frequently maxing out to “FULL”) and prestigious server on CPR, only below Blizzard. It was RFCP’s capital for all of August 2019 as a measure of defense, and a way to responsibly handle such a valuable server. Today, it is most commonly used as the host for RFCP’s CPR events.


And now you have stumbled upon RFCP’s oldest and most historic server. Yes, that’s right. Beanie is the very first server RFCP ever owned.

Above depicts how Beanie looked when RFCP seized it in non-contested campaign from the defunct Tuba Army. Attendees to this “battle” (there was a lot of sitting around) were Prior Bumble, Redovyco, TrippleA06, DatBoiRiven, RomanPrincey, leeuigi, and keanureeves (AKA, Shallissa).

It then became RFCP’s first ever capital.

Later, it was the site of the first battle of RFCP history: the PZF vs. RFCP battle, where Prior was confronted with warfare he had never seen before, and hit with the reality of needing to reform to modern combat of emoji tactics and formations. The battle was a tie and RFCP kept the server.

Later still, it would be the site of the trigger to the War of Smoke and Sour, as LGA scheduled an unprecedented invasion of it and demonstrated their unreasonable attitude and cantankerousness to Prior for the first time. Many feel that the WoSS was merely a snap of Prior’s patience, and a moment of RFCP putting its foot down against repeated social disrespect. The server was lost to LGA, and would remain in their hands until the reclamation of the territory as the very last act of the Peninsula Wars. RFCP’s second-in-command, Commissar Redovyco, delivered a speech the mark the historic moment of its recapture. This was especially appropriate, as Redovyco was the one who suggested and counseled its original invasion back in RFCP’s infancy.

Other CPPS Servers

Deep Freeze (Penguin World)

In a continent overwhelmed with snowy EGCP presence, the second-southernmost tip of Deep Freeze is RFCP’s tiniest server. It was surrendered by LGA in the Peninsula Wars, only because LGA presumably did not see it on the map. When LGA transferred all their remaining servers to RPF for safekeeping, they mysteriously left this one out! Prior caught it, and scheduled the invasion immediately. It is RFCP’s only twin server with Deep Freeze from CPATG.

Blizzard (Penguin World)

Blizzard was one of the two GSG servers RFCP generously agreed to protect for GSG during the bloody Chronic Wars. Upon RFCP’s capture of Fjord, GSG’s old capital, in the Peninsula Wars, GSG asked if RFCP would trade one of the protected servers for Fjord. RFCP agreed. The server is attractive as it shares the same name as Club Penguin’s most infamous, most renowned server to ever exist, Blizzard. This is not that server. However, it’s a pretty good knock-off to the real thing, and most armies strive to have any server named “Blizzard” among its collection of territory.

Ice Cream (Club Penguin Origins)

Ice Cream was the second GSG server RFCP agreed to protect. It was kept by RFCP in a trade to GSG–RFCP did not want two servers named Beanie, so gave GSG Beanie (Penguin World) instead when GSG was ready to retake their land after the Chronic Wars. It is the northernmost server total on this continent, and perches above one RPF server and a sea of EGCP tundra. Not much else can be said for it except its deliciously fun name gracing RFCP’s repertoire.

What’s Next?

There you have your grand tour of RFCP’s 16 servers. It is the Commander’s hope that after reading about them, they adopt new and sacred meaning to you. Perhaps you feel more drawn to one than the other. Perhaps you have your own special memories associating with its history not recorded here. Share about them with your brethren. Take pride in your homeland. And remember, history is still waiting to be written by you.

Special thanks to DMT for answering Prior’s research questions

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