An Interview with Lt. RomanPrincey

This past month, RFCP hosted a recruitment contest for its soldiers. Members who attended recruiting events, swore in new troops, and sourced new leads for recruitment in CPR’s anti-army climate acquired points and competed against one another. The contest was headed and tallied by General Kailey310. Incredibly, the army has boosted in numbers, in what feels like overnight success. These numbers truly paid off in the Peninsula Wars where a single-handed max of 21 was achieved.

The motivation and prize for this contest was securing a highly-coveted interview with Commander Prior, published on the official RFCP blog.

We are proud to announce our winner in this contest: Lieutenant RomanPrincey!

Roman is one of the most senior veterans of RFCP, present before the army even registered with CPA (that is to say, before the organization was even officially an army).

His origin story is a unique one. Recounted in his own words:

Alright. So I was hanging out at the cove with some of my penguin friends. And this penguin comes up to me and told me his master wanted me to see him. And I was like alright. So I went with him and that’s where I met prior and he was like stay away from the ice berg and I was like. Never. I spit on him. And we fought or whatever. He chased me down and I reluctantly became an ally. There’s a blog post about from back in June.


Roman, as an ally, joined RFCP in its first invasions, and Commander Prior PM’ed him from Discord to request his support at these events. Soon, Roman became indistinguishable from a regular RFCP soldier, certainly just as passionate, but never formally enlisted, and therefore was never permitted for promotions. This needed to be changed. But doing so, enlisting in the RFCP, would require surrendering his regency and submitting to the Commander’s authority.

The decision was hard, but Roman chose to join, and a very special enlisting ceremony was held at the cove. Roman was allowed to choose anyone to give him the oath. He selected Commander Prior.

“Roman, my son,” Prior had said before the flames. “Are you ready?”

He was welcomed into the family at last.

Please enjoy this interview and congratulate Lt. Roman in the comments.

ROMAN: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for this.

PRIOR: Nervous to for the interview or being stuck here 1 on 1 with me for a half hour?


Q: Congratulations on winning the recruitment contest! Is recruiting your specialty here at RFCP, or did you push yourself hard to be here?

A: Thank you! Well, I like recruiting and going to recruiting events and I try and make it to every one we have. I just did what I normally do and now I’m here lol

Q: You LIKE recruiting events? Most people find them to be the most laborious part of RFCP. How do you make them fun?

A: Yeah I do like recruiting events! They can be difficult at times but it’s so worth it when we get new recruits. What’s fun for me during those times is seeing people’s reactions when we tell them about RFCP and when we show them examples of what we do in battles

Q: That is a great way to interest people. So, let’s dig in a little more. You are one of the original RFCP members, present at the very first invasion. How has RFCP (and Prior!) evolved in three months?

A: Well it sure has gotten bigger, we went from being a small army no one had ever heard of to being number 2 in the top 10 armies, from having one server to owning sixteen! Everyone in RFCP have all gotten really close within these three months of knowing each other, we’re like a family now. We have had incredible growth and you have done an amazing job leading us.

Q: I don’t know who this “You” is you speak of….RFCP blog is totally written in the third person. Can you tell us your favorite memory of being in RFCP?

A: oh wow that’s a hard one, there’s a ton of great memories. My favorite though would probably be the wedding of two RFCP members. Don’t get me wrong I love the battles and the serious aspect of our army, but it’s the silly times like that which really stand out to me.

(Indeed, there was an RFCP wedding–Prior was both the priest and the father of the bride. He switched attire back and forth at the altar.)

Q: If there was a museum of RFCP, what three artifacts would you put in it and why?

A: Oo I like this question! I’d put the treaty of smog and citrus in the RFCP museum because it marked the end of our first war . Also the constitution because it’s very important to RFCP and …it’s the constitution obviously that would be in a museum! The last thing I would put in there is a Feddies award because the Feddies was one of the first large events that RFCP hosted that included other armies.

Q: We hear you’ve tried explaining RFCP to in-real-life friends. How did that go?

A: Haha oof. Honestly it took a while to explain what it was and for them to understand. They think we are all really weird but they find it hilarious. I’ve got one friend actually really interested in it though, I show her videos of battles and update her about CPA things!

Q: Is there something sacred about the fact that you can’t totally understand RFCP unless you’re in it?

A: Absolutely! From an outside perspective you can’t truly feel the sense of community we have or how much we care for each other.Idk if that makes sense though.Cause the Duck knight army isn’t part of RFCP and we love them and they’re always hanging out in our server to so…

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: Something about him that surprised me was how kind he is and how he truly cares about everyone here. Another thing that might surprise you is much fun he can be. Prior at 3 am is something else lol

Q: What the hell is an RFCP “ship”?

A: Oh boy… well. A ship is derived from the word relationship. And shipping is the act of wanting people to be in a relationship together. So if you ship two people together, you want them to be in a romantic relationship. Some do this in RFCP and most ships here include Commander Prior. For example one of the major ships is Prailey, the pairing between Commander Prior Bumble and General Kailey. Other examples of RFCP ships are: Roman x Prior (Proman), Commissar x Prior, Sha x Prior ect. Our own beloved Lucky Quinn has even written fanfics of some of these ships.

Q: Good lord.

A: : )

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Many think it’s red, but my favorite color is actually green!

Q: Controversial! Per RFCP policy, you gave up your crown as a “Prince” to be here. Do you ever miss it?

A: I used to miss it. But I’ve changed a lot since being a monarch. I can see now that being a part of this was worth giving up the crown for. I would rather be a Lieutenant in RFCP surrounded by fellow soldiers who I can now call friends than be a Prince all alone in his castle.

Q: Do you have any thing else you want to say to our readership?

A: Not that I can think of.

Q: All right. Part of your reward for winning the recruitment contest was not only this interview, but also to ask Commander Prior one question which he swore to answer honestly. You may ask.


Q: Does Commander Prior have feelings for anyone in RFCP and if so does he want to be in a relationship with them


Yes, Commander Prior has romantic feelings in RFCP. He is human. It is so easy to fall in love here, not because the people on the other side of the screen are anything you want them to be, but because you are exactly who you want to be. If CPA has taught me anything, it’s that love and need for each other can be evoked in any dark corner, between any stretch of megabyte, when all is silent except you and the screen. My feelings have been provoked here. How could they not? Truly. How could you ask for me not to fall in love?

What I don’t know is how “in love” is defined. I don’t know if the things I feel here are gills which breathe in the ocean that is this game, or if it is amphibious and would survive on land. I don’t know if I’m only “in love” because I truly am in and surrounded by love. The answer then, is that I don’t entertain any romantic relationship at this time. My policy has always been to not date any soldier, and that is not changing. But I think all of you can benefit from my counsel that your feelings are valid, real, and that just because the things we are experiencing together are events, histories, and connections that may blow away forgotten by the world, all of us will remember that this was our world.

I love you all.

–Commander Prior

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