Stress-Tests Reduce Stress Between RFCP and RPF

The greatest love stories seem to revolve around not only opposing circumstances, but opposing communities. Yet, the concoction of conflict keeping RFCP and RPF at odds was put aside these past weeks as the armies joined together to stress-test admin Superhero123’s new beta server for CPATG. The server needed to feel the impact of large armies at war; of many soldiers spamming !size and varying commands, to ensure it can handle the pressure. What better way to do that than to give it a CPA hurricane?

It all began in leader’s chat, with RPF suggesting EGCP, the second largest army, stage a titanic battle to deliver the stress Super needed.

In a bold move, unapologetic of being half EGCP’s size, Commander Prior pinged Ultipenguin minutes later.

It’s certain some eyebrows were raised at this gesture, both due to the two armies’ current political standings, and to RFCP being a smaller and less desirable choice to deliver this “titanic stress.” But the move was one of honor. No one stood up to the plate, and Prior was ready to.

This choice led to a sequence of four stress-tests (or practice battles) on Super’s beta server. The iceberg was used as a control room, and two new rooms, the box dimension, and the CPA news headquarters, were focuses for the site’s endurance.

A group chat on Discord called “Testing the Limits” was made, including Super, Prior, Pookie437 (RPF), and Ultipenguin (RPF).

August 22nd was the first test, and a fragile silence fell upon the RPF troops lined up in the Plaza when Prior arrived. “Hello,” one said. More hellos sprinkled in like raindrops increasing on the pavement.

“Where is Ultipenguin?” said Prior. “I want to shake his hand before this begins.” And so, in front of the two armies, the two Commanders shook hands firmly. The battle commenced.

RFCP proved its worth, not in numbers, but in its willingness to heed a large (nay, the largest) army’s call to arms.

Another feature tested on the beta was !army [insert army name], which auto-equips that army’s uniform to the user. RFCP had particular fun with this, dressing up as EGCP, their self-proclaimed big brother.

In the following tests, spread out in the following weeks, RFCP and RPF crashed the beta server several times, guiding Super in identifying the necessary revisions. The two Federations had fun with this breaking of the site, too. FEDERATION CLASH = SERVER CRASH.

The tests took place August 22nd, August 30, September 1, and September 2. They helped shape the new game platform, but also the relationship between RFCP/Prior and RPF.

In fact, Prior even felt compelled to drop unexpectedly into RPF’s server to greet the troops one afternoon and was welcomed with an unexpected gale of excitement.

Prior congratulated RPF’s “Soldier of the Week.” And…

Guess what?

He made the wallpaper. The fun continued:

And as quickly as he arrived, Prior left.

The beta server is now the standard CPATG server. It has passed Super’s requirements and is enjoyed by all armies now. The need for the stress tests are over. But did these tests reduce the stress between the two Federations? Or was that stress only ever imagined to exist?

Upon the retirement of QueenieLiz, leaving Ultipenguin the sole leader of RPF, Commander Prior had this to say to CPA reporter, Hexxer.

I am saddened to have entered the CPA stage late in the career of QueenieLiz. I’d looked forward operating alongside her in this spectacular league. RFCP respects her and honors her decision. Personally, I send her my love in this new chapter of life. No matter where her journey takes her, may she always remember she as a friend in this fellow Commander.

Commander Prior Bumble, RFCP

Only history can tell what the future of the two armies looks like. One thing, however, is certain. With EGCP no-showing the RPF’s war declared on them, and decreasing in activity, RFCP has gained ground, reaching #2 on an almost-consistent basis in CPA’s Top Ten. Certainly this nuzzling on the likes of RPF from directly below is not unnoticed. What this spells for the coming months can only be speculated in the chatrooms, public and private, of this great league.

Good fights, indeed, were fought. Good fights, indeed.

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