New Oath Added to RFCP: For Officers Only

Many unique traits contribute to RFCP’s culture, which set it apart from every other army. One of those is the immense gravity of RFCP’s initiation process. Not only are recruits forbidden from being in any other army, they also must be sworn in with the official oath of RFCP, an oath every soldier in the army has taken with the guidance of a currently-enlisted member. As a reminder, that oath, written by Prior even before RFCP was a registered army, is:

I, [Penguin’s full username], swear my allegiance to the RFCP, and to my brothers in arms. I will follow orders, defend, and serve with all my honor, and all I am.

Initiation oath of the RFCP

In the past few weeks, however, the idea of adding a second oath, which only and every officer (Colonel and up) of the RFCP must take, was proposed by General Kailey310. Commander Prior took to the idea immediately. And better yet–he ordered that not the officers, but the soldiers (non-officers) of the army write it. He asserted that they should be the ones drafting the oath that holds their leadership responsible to them.

Lieutenant Redbackwards was appointed as the committee leader to organize the draft of the oath. The non-officers of RFCP met in #rfcp-summit and fielded ideas and adjectives at one another. They discussed what an officer should exemplify, and what they wanted their leadership to be responsible to.

The original draft as shown below was presented to Commander Prior:

“I, [Officer’s name] as a [Rank] of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin pledge to uphold the constitution of the RFCP as a leader with reliability and responsibility. I pledge to be an objective and selfless role model for all soldiers of the army. I will consistently lead us to victory against our foes, and uphold these virtues with all my honor and all I am.

Original draft of the Officer Oath

Notice how the last line, “with all my honor, and all I am” coincides with the last line of the initiation oath. Prior was remarkably impressed, and offered some revisions “mainly to simplify and shorten the oath. Writing on Discord feels a lot shorter than it does in Club Penguin chat.”

“I, [name], undertake the role of Officer of the RFCP. I will uphold the Constitution and the Commander. I pledge to be a responsible, reliable, objective, and selfless model for all soldiers. I will consistently lead us to victory against our foes, and embody the virtues of the army with all my honor, and all I am”

Final draft of the Officer Oath

Since Prior still felt it should be totally in the hands of the non-officers, the new version was presented to the soldiers once again for ratification. It passed with enthusiasm.

A ceremony was then arranged to swear in all the current officers. One sponsor, a non-officer, could sign up to swear in the officer of their choice.

Slots were filled fast!

The ceremony also included a “passing of the sword” ritual. Here, the non-officer equipped the officer saber, and the officer did not. Upon completion of the oath, the non-officer passed the sword to the officer, unequipping while the officer equipped. This held heavy symbolism. It represented that the officers understood for whom they fight and lead for.

Once the officer gripped his/her sword, the crowd erupted in E+H.

In his speech, Commander Prior said, “For the RFCP infantryman, the new recruit, the agent, feeling perhaps disoriented, feeling perhaps small, may today show that they aren’t small in RFCP–they are RFCP.”

During Prior’s oath (in which he ironically swore to uphold himself), he snuck in a “hell yes” after I will consistently lead us to victory.

After the ceremony, the officers held a private gathering at Commander Prior’s igloo for the official officer portrait.

The occasion was joyous and renewing for both officer and soldier. Prior concluded the evening on Discord by offering some thoughts on the truly special and uncommon culture of the army.

Erat ipso sacra, with all my honor, and all I am.

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