Staying Put: An Open Letter to CPA Editor Kailey310

I write this letter to ex-RFCP General, Kailey310, publicly, in the fashion which she has written her letter to me. You may find the letter here. I am not afraid to share it.

Kailey believes I have changed from being a kind leader to one of power lust and greed. She chose to put these opinions where not only our army can see it, but where all of my friends from other armies can see it too. It has been a long time since I cried. But I guess I’m resetting that clock in the warehouse.

So, I have crafted my response letter to Kailey, and it is my wish that it is shared as much as possible.

Dear Kailey,

You are the hardest worker I know. You bring sunlight into whatever room you enter. And man, you have the most beautiful singing voice. You were a joy to speak to, a joy to comfort in your sorrows, a joy to make your promotions as special as possible.

I’ve talked about you in real life, constantly with a smile, and sometimes even a tear in my eye because of the way you made me feel important and strong when I knew I wasn’t.

Nothing brought me greater happiness than to hear you say you were shaking with excitement at becoming an officer, and then even a General. Your heart is the size of the iceberg. Your photos always astonished me with their beauty and the love emanating from them. My favorite is still the one with you holding your little sister (or cousin? I’m sorry I forget). And all of us loved your laugh on VC and how much you loved giggling at Scribblio.

It was your idea to do the officer oath which you took only two days ago. We all loved this idea. You had a million of them and RFCP is all the better for it. You’re creative, warm, giving, and a natural artist in so many ways.

Just yesterday you said I was so sweet in our DMs. I never thought today you’d do what you did. I’ve never hated anyone in my life, though, and today won’t change that. As I said in the command room which you no longer can see, I don’t even hate the person who gave my brother the drug that killed him. I know his name. I know where he lives. They were all sick. They’re all lost. I pray for that person, too.

I have chosen to use my letter to show the world the good things about you. CPA is so lucky to have you.

There is a real, handwritten letter addressed to you in my school folder. I will not be sending it, as it wouldn’t be right anymore. I ask you to please not message me. You broke my heart, and you did so in the most publicly humiliating way you could have.

Know that I’ll be worrying about you and thinking of you as I always did, and as I do for all my soldiers. Be happy, dear. I will miss you.

To anyone else reading, please in your hearts give me a chance to prove that Kailey’s letter does not speak for my character. I love you all. This community has given me the chance to be what I never thought I could. I hope I can help you be that person too.

— Commander Prior

Recon Federation of Club Penguin

Testimonies from other leaders and RFCP troops after reading Kailey’s post:

“I love you homie. You’re an incredible leader.”

Cena, DKA, after reading Kailey’s post

” You Prior, are not a bad leader. In fact I consider you a great leader. ”

CC_jay, RFCP Corporal, after reading Kailey’s post

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