Siege of Antarctica

RFCP faced the deadliest and largest army in Club Penguin Army modernity (RPF) tonight in its defense of Antarctica. The server has fallen. However, we rise tomorrow.

Prior Bumble listens to cheers after delivering his battle speech

Our veterans of the siege:

Redovyco, DatBoiRiven, P3574017, Cabin0416, rareanimal, Tumbling, jakemoody, Prior Bumble, and our allies from Green Street Gang, Dolepie47 and whiteguy3456

We maxed and averaged 10, and we fought valiantly. We approach this loss with reality and as an example of our army pride and courage.

A transcript of Prior’s battle speech:

SOLDIERS OF RFCP. We face today the largest army in CP history. Today, standing next to each other, we turn this water red. When others look back on this battle, they will remember one thing:

We showed up.

At the ice rink: We showed up.

In the ski lodge: We showed up.

And on the very ship of Rockhopper: WE. SHOWED. UP.

RFCP. SHOWS. UP. Show up with me now. Together. And fight.





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