An Interview with Colonel Shallissallissa

Colonel “Sha”, or P3574017 as she is known in-game, oversaw a successful training and drill today on the Mountaintop of Beanie server and was promoted to Colonel. RFCP has decided to make her our first interview in a new blog series diving into the heads of our soldiers.

Q: What are your special skills in RFCP?

A: I like to think that I am a pretty good recruiter and that I am very loyal to RFCP. I also feel like I am good at making sure everyone feels welcome when they join

Q: What makes RFCP special?

A: RFCP is special because we are all very close and connected. I feel like a lot of groups would rather have numbers than actual connections with the other members. RFCP is professional when we need to be but we can also enjoy the late night chats. We are truly one of a kind

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: this is actually the hardest question yet. Purple

Q: Tell us about the most fun you’ve had at an RFCP event

A: My favorite moment was when we were trying to recruit and the berg was invaded by strawberry’s. I’ve never munched so much in my life

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: I am surprised how forgiving he is, and how he is able to move past things. I would think he would be very strict and angry towards those who have wronged him or other members of RFCP. I was also surprised how much one on one attention he gives to each and every member. When I joined there were so many people and I didn’t think I would stand out and be able to work my way up, but he welcomed me and every other new member with open arms.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say? This is your podium.

A: this

RFCP will work on finding him.


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