Twins! Coffee and Anilia Promoted to Field Marshal Together

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The RFCP gained two new Officers when Coffee and Anilia were promoted at the same time!

On August 4, 2020, our Commander said that he had a very exciting announcement at :10, right after posting the cancellation of  the 3:00 a.m. defense of LGA’s Belly Slide from the Holds Bugs Army (HBA).

This made RFCP very excited, because The Prior Bumble was going to be giving this announcement.

A few minutes later, He announced that MicroHam had been promoted to Major, but, most importantly, Coffee and Anilia had been promoted to Field Marshals, making them Officers.

Coffee, who was asleep at the time, said that at first she had no idea that she had been promoted. She woke up to see Anilia’s name in pink, so she checked the news and found out. 

I asked Coffee how she first felt, and here was her reply:

“I had woken up around 5:00 a.m. EST and was half asleep, checking chats and DMs, when I noticed Anilia was pink! I was thinking, ‘Yes, finally!’ then I checked the #news and saw that I also got promoted to FM! I was excited. I cried happy tears. Officer is such a big honor to have. I never thought I would make it this far, but I did.”

This came as a shock to her, and she was very happy.

As for Anilia, she thought that the announcement was going to be something about the Feddies, as there was a lot of controversy about that topic at the time.

I asked her how she first felt when she found out that she was a Field Marshal. Here was her reply:

 “When Commander Prior said that there is going to be an announcement in 10 minutes, I assumed that it was gonna be about Feddiegate, because there is a lot of controversy going around right now in the server about why it was postponed. So, when it was actually him saying that I am going to be an Officer now, I literally was in shock. I couldn’t believe it at all. Honestly, it took me a while to realize that I’m an Officer now. Sure, I’ve been in training to be an Officer, but the reality of it didn’t hit. For example, I could send messages and update stuff in #news as well as send gifs and photos into #general-chat. I am so glad to be here as Field Marshal, though. I love RFCP, and coming this far makes me happy because I can do more things for the amazing soldiers in RFCP. Er feut al su’v x kinn. Sch’ock sum nuvar. :EH:

[The Penguin Latin translation of what Field Marshal Anilia said is: “I love this army and family. Stronger as one.”]

Anilia and Coffee are active and loyal members of RFCP, so they deserved being Officers. Anilia had a huge impact on the whole Navy and RFCP, as she encouraged everyone to recruit, and got more members into this loving community. Coffee has been integral in ZCA operations and supporting soldiers who need a compassionate ear.

In conclusion, congratulations to MicroHam, Coffee, and Anilia on getting promoted!

Good luck being Officers. :salute:


RFCP Reporter-in-Training


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