RFCP Screws Over the”Force Treaty” Law, Faces Second RPF Feud

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Battle review of the second RPF/RFCP conflict this week, and how the force-treaty rule in CPAH is being resisted.

As RPF continued its path of aggression towards RFCP following the invasion of Yukon, it became clear what the motive was: force-treaty RFCP.

A “forced treaty” in the CPAH league is where an army that is wiped off the map must sign a treaty with the winning opposition–the treaty can be almost anything the victors demand–and CPAH will uphold it. Usually, this includes CPAH invalidating any effort for the defeated army to rise back up and fight back against its enemy for several weeks. Of course, it includes a flex of pride for the triumphant army as well, forcing an enemy first-in-command to kneel and lend their signature.

But RFCP never kneels.

This forced-treaty was a fate Prior Bumble demanded evading at all costs. Before RPF took Yukon on Thursday, LGA had transferred RFCP a server (Antarctica, CPR) so as to avoid the Black Ice Alliance imposing yet another mandatory contract on a smaller army.

Not long after, LGA paid the price of helping RFCP. RPF released a scathing post declaring that the Limes were no longer their allies, and scheduled an invasion of RFCP’s newly gifted server.

To enlist aid in the defense of Antarctica, RFCP joined the SMAU (Small/Medium Army Union) and linked arms with PZF, WT, and LGA to max in the low 30s. It was a shallower max than RFCP is used to seeing, especially with allies, but reflected the ulterior plans of the RFCP Commander: Prior Bumble wasn’t in this battle to win.

“Not the defense, anyway,” he said. “RPF numbers can’t be overcome, but their intellect can be.”

Indeed, Prior pulled off a successful stunt with the help of PZF 1ic, Snork. Minutes before the battle, Snork transferred Iceland (CPA) to RFCP, and promptly scheduled an invasion on it to prohibit RPF from invading the territory. As soon as the RPF-RFCP feud was complete, PZF canceled the invasion and RFCP transferred the land back to them within seconds.

RPF 1ic, Crazzy, not happy.

This successfully shuffled RFCP out of being force-treatied by RPF, according to the laws of CPAH (you mad, RPF?).

Many, now, are rising up against this law and the tyranny of the Black Ice Alliance (RPF and IW united).

“I was one of the leaders hoodwinked into voting for the force-treaty law,” said Prior. “My original vote was no, and then IW told me we could be allies if I changed my vote. I agreed. Now look where we are. I will make up for that naivety and rage against this league manipulation.”

With RFCP free from RPF inquisition, it is no doubt this is far from over. Prior Bumble is not a passive political actor, and the “White Flame” and “THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE AROUND HERE” tactics continued to be dropped during battle, alluding to a greater movement on the way.

Now, without further ado, we will review the Defense of Antarctica which took place on August 8, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. EST, on the proxy server Alaska (CParmies).


RFCP raking E6

Commissar Coolj began leading this room as Prior had to step aside briefly. Commander Prior returned at around the third tactic. RFCP entered with E+T battle cries and moved into a + while RPF surrounded. RFCP once again suffered from room lockouts, with fallen soldiers left behind at the cove. RPF taunted: “YOU ARE SURROUNDED” to which RFCP replied, “BY HYPOCRISY.” RFCP then performed an EZ waterfall and shifted into a V formation. RPF held its position and then bombed, adopting an A formation. Spamming jokes, RFCP bombed as well and surrounded, then E6 raked and formed upside-down T. This totals to RPF making only two formations in this room to RFCP’s four.

Mine Interior

RFCP E5 entered this room as RPF repeated a tactic from the last battle “WHU YU SAY.” Prior ordered an X formation as RPF adopted a = with a | in the middle. RPF also said their name again, which RFCP congratulated. Then RPF repeated the tactic ‘BIG WORD BUBBLE” from the previous room. RFCP bombed and formed an inverted V. RPF did not move. Finally RPF awakened and bombed into an L formation, which Prior countered with a / formation after an ! emojie waterfall.

Prior dropped this diagram quickly in the middle of the orders channel.

This totaled three RFCP formations to RPF’s two.


At this time, Discord crashed. Both armies sat in tense anticipation as the room announcement failed to arrive at :20 and even :21. When it finally came, it seemed RFCP flooded in while RPF lagged behind. Then, the technical difficulties caused all to stumble. Orders could not be sent in the channels. Both armies were in disarray. The room was ruled VOID by the judges.


Of course RPF takes Antarctica. But they will be losing much more…

Erat ipso sacra.

Follow the White Flame.

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