New Mysterious Division Formed at RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP establishes a new division that is classified under “Top Secret.” Pink Cloud reports in her first article after graduating from training! [NOTE: This has nothing to do with Feddiegate].

On June 30th, 2020, General Sha announced that there would be a new secret division.

RFCP still remains confused about what this division is about. Gen. Sha’s last line saying that she wouldn’t be responding to DMs immediately makes it even more interesting.

As time went on, we managed to acquire additional evidence. A strange, bright blue role called “Fox” appeared in the server.

Currently, Maj. Microham is the only enlisted to hold both the “Fox” and “Den Fox” roles, so we are assuming that members of this division are called Foxes and the division head is called the Den Fox. Whatever Foxes do for RFCP, we congratulate Microham on this executive position.

Later, we were even able to snag the division’s new banner from Commander Prior. Here it is:

Its namesake certainly fits tradition for RFCP, using military-operation buzzwords and having a number attached to it. Commander Prior had only one statement.

“BF20 is a high (but certainly not the highest-level) clearance division. It will be added to our divisions page, but its functions will not be disclosed at this time.”

What is this new secret division about? As for now, RFCP has no clue. Let us hope that we find out soon.

Do YOU have any theories? Let us know in the comments.


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