What Would You Do? Prior Bumble is Offline When Suddenly….

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter-in-training Pink Cloud introduces her new series for the blog, “What Would You Do?”

Today’s What Would You Do question is:

What would you do if some enemy army started raiding our discord server when Prior Bumble is offline?

I got answers from the following people…

1. Admiral PyxelPranav, M.H. – “I’d ban them and tell them they’re a huge piece of shit.

2. Sergeant Infector – “Like, as an officer, I would try my best to stop him, and if he goes out of control, I would inform an[other] officer. I can take help from other soldiers to tackle those [raiders].

3. Brigadier Drewls – “I’d let an officer know; if none were online, I would at least DM someone. Then, uhh, while waiting for assistance, tell the raider(s) they’re a clown, honestly.

4. Ice Agent Ace – “Keep calm and wait for the online officers to take over the situation or [wait] until they command/say something.”

5. Captain AquaStarr – “I would inform the officers, and [if] by some chance they aren’t online either, then I’d go to the highest rank available. If that so happens to fall onto me? I can’t really answer, since it all really depends on the situation. What I’m trying to say is: I would try my best to keep the RFCP safe.”

6. Brigadier JustinTFC – “Get another officer, tell them to stop talking, get touchvpn instantly, and go into lockdown. (Them as in soldiers.)”

What would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!


RFCP Reporter-in-Training

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