Former RPF Soldier Joins RFCP: Shocking Tell-All On the Heels of Battle

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: An ex-RPF soldier gives the RFCP blog an exclusive interview after battling against his former army for Prior Bumble.

KrispyYeet, also known as “Panic! All The Time,” joined the ranks of RPF on May 21st, 2020. As summer deepened, RFCP’s newest golden boy, Captain SupremeP0wer, M.M., introduced his friend Krispy to RFCP as a visitor. This tour of RFCP came with special permission from Commander Prior, as the army’s policy of ukahala isolation had not yet been relaxed. Krispy’s visitation pass was good for 72 hours, but, before his time could expire, RPF filled his head with anti-RFCP propaganda and forced him to leave.

A few weeks later, Krispy quit RPF and inquired at RFCP for membership. He now serves as an Ice Agent in the army of Prior Bumble, and the blog caught up with him just hours after he served in his first battle against his former leader.

Q: Why did you quit RPF?

A: I felt a lack of individuality as well as having repetitive events that got boring for me. After visiting some other armies, RFCP stood out to me because they seemed enthusiastic about Club Penguin as well as being a community. The events in RFCP also branched out of Club Penguin which was refreshing.

Q: Can you elaborate on the repetitiveness of the events in RPF? Did RPF feel robotic?

A: The RPF events were basically the same thing over and over again, just with different costumes each time. Everyone wore the same thing though, so there was no room for individuality. On top of that, on their website, all their reports were the same saying, only changing the numbers of people who joined or something trivially simple like that. The most creativity put into the events is making names for them. Even then, there was repeats at some point.

Q: Tell us your experience of being treated unfairly by RPF and others after you decided to join RFCP.

A: Well, one thing that stood out to me was the spread of rumors about me troopstealing once I joined RFCP. I got banned from RPF, yet I still wanted to talk to the friends I made there, so I made a server where I could have my old friends from RPF and new friends from RFCP in one place [Commander Prior gave permission]. However, one of the RPF people told hcom, and their hcom started DMing my friends from RPF, telling them I am troopstealing. Instead of asking about the server, the RPF hcom went behind my back and made my friends turn against me.

Q: We are so sorry about that. Are clearly stating you quit RPF of your own accord and RFCP did not troopsteal you or any RPF?

A: Yes, I left RPF on my own free will; I was not poached.

Q: You came from an army that maxes 90 to one that maxes in the 30s. Did this play into your decision?

A: Not at all. Numbers are not a big deal to me as long as it’s fun.

Q: How did it feel to fight against your old army for RFCP for the first time today?

A: When I first heard of the battle, I was nervous because I did not want bad blood with the army, but events leading up to the battle allowed me to realize that they’re just another army and, at the end of the day, Club Penguin is just a game, so it should not be taken as seriously as some people take it. So, coming into battle, I was just happy to be alongside my brothers and sisters in arms.

Q: How has your experience in RFCP been so far? Have you seen anything that suggests the negative rumors about RFCP are true?

A: It’s been overwhelmingly positive; better than I could have ever imagined!! As far as rumors go, I do not see any proof of the rumors.

Q: Anything you want to say to your former army or crazzy?

A: It was a good fight while it lasted, but there is no longer a place for me in RPF.

Q: Any last comments?

A: Thank you RFCP for all your hospitality and welcoming arms! You guys are awesome!

After the interview, Krispy had a question for Prior.

“How does it feel knowing im from an enemy team?” he asked.

“It makes me excited to give you a better home,” said Prior. “And your forever one.”

A little harsh on RPF today, we are. But we can’t hog ALL the open letters 🙂

Good game today, fellow Federation!

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