$500 Bill Added to RFCP Treasury

RFCP unveiled a new bank note today: the $500 bill.

The bill came in response to demands set by the Commander–he’d offered $500 rewards for several tasks in the past two weeks (one which included a reward for editing Prior Bumble/Elp themed “All I Want For Christmas is You” music videos, a challenge which three RFCP enlisted rose to).

There is no doubt that RFCP’s trademark relationship with the wild predominates the themes of this bill. The featured figure is a Grey Polar Bear, his name written in ancient Penguin Latin glyphs. Only Commander Prior knows how to read this, and he has as of yet refused to (or has not yet been granted permission to) pass on the knowledge. Also present in the bottom left is a tiny image of Brigadier Hamster’s fallen pet hamster, Thea.

Some will recognize that the picture of the Grey Polar Bear comes directly from the wooden staff owned by Commander Prior, which was passed down to his ancestors by the bears as a symbol of leadership. There are some expectations that he will pass this staff on to the next Commander in Chief of the RFCP if and when the time comes.

The bill is purple, the first note to adopt an official color of the army. We asked Commander Prior to comment on the new addition to the treasury.

“The RFCP treasury is always growing,” he said. “This is a beautiful bill whose appearance will be sparing and met with great surprise and pleasure, I’m sure, to all who earn it.”

The Treasury remains open to the idea of adding yet more bills. Currently, there is no $10 bill at the RFCP. But Prior seemed skeptical about the idea of a larger bill.

“A thousand dollar bill seems the next logical step,” he said, “but it’s a bit of a preposterously large amount. If someone were to earn $1,000 with one bill, they probably sooner deserve a promotion at that point.”

The RFCP encourages its hardworking soldiers to start thinking about making their first purchases.

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