Sunday Fun-Day: Vol 4, Issues 2 and 3 (Double Feature!)

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—The RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with a brand new DOUBLE FEATURE edition of our Sunday paper, covering the last two weeks! Read on for a look into what we have been up to, and enjoy a brand new game!

Weekly Recap

Let’s rapid-fire the events from these past two weeks!

Sunday, September 11–The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) paid respects to the fallen from 9/11 on this day. At night, we held a music vibe-out in voice chat, hosted by the irreplaceable Commissar Coolj. Max 11!

Monday, September 12--Soldiers cashed in their funnies on Meme Monday, sharing memes throughout the server.

Tuesday, September 13–Our weekly Study Sesh maxed 6 (but one got away…).

Wednesday, September 14–Casino Night as usual! This time, we played our first ever “Two Truths and a Lie.” 7 soldiers joined to try out the brand new game.

Thursday, September 15–Hat ceremony for the new Red Baron ExsavitatorCommander Prior Bumble placed the historic pilot’s cap on Exsav’s head at the location on Club Penguin closest to the sky…

Max 5

Friday, September 16, 2022–Fruit salad party for the birthday celebration of Red Baron Exsavitator (AKA, “Salad”). Max 5.

Isn’t that a gorgeous igloo? Nice work, Micro!

Saturday, September 17–Does anyone remember what we did? We musta had a pretty wild night…(Holy sh@! There’s a tiger in the bathroom!).

Sunday, September 18–Speaking of tigers, RFCP maxed 9 at an RHL game on this day. But we’ll save those juicy details for its own blog post.

Monday, September 19–The RFCP Marines hosted GarticPhone in Spanish! We learned some vocabulary and had a great time. Prior accidentally called it Garlic Phone…

Max 5.

Tuesday, September 20–Another productive Study Sesh for school and work! RFCP supports its soldiers online and in real life. Also Maj. DJ’s birthday! He is celebrated in the server and receives three special gifts from Cmdr. Prior: a Sillabrooch, a @chef role, and honorary possession of the #food-pantry channel (complete with @everyone perms!)

Wednesday, September 21–Casino Night strikes again, this time featuring miscellaneous trivia (including computer science, history, physics, and biology!) hosted by Commissar Coolj. Max 11!

Skulls because the questions were so hard we died.

Thursday, September 22–Prior recruited. You guys should try it sometime.

(Clearly Prior wrote the weekly recap this week lol)

Friday, September 23Don promoted to Conquistador! The server rejoices.

Saturday, September 24–Another bangin’ RHL match! More on that soon! Max 7.

Sunday, September 25–Well, this awesome blog was posted, of course (in PST ;)).

Soldier of the Week

Our past two Soldiers of the Week were Ice Agents L E G and Cloud! Congratulations!

This Week in RFCP History

  • 18 September 2020–RFCP had their first ever practice battle against the Dark Warriors, who were part of the Black Ice Alliance.
  • 18 September 2020–RFCP hicom formed a meme army called Prior Warriors after being banned from CPAH. Unfortunately, the “new” army was not welcomed into the league. #justiceforPWCP
  • 24 September 2019–The RFCP won the Whack-A-Mole War against the Lime Green Army (LGA). 


Gen. Microwaveable HamsterDo you have an interest in writing? Join the RFCP Times-Dispatch today to see your work featured on the blog! -Gen. MicroHam (seriously, please join. Help me :pepehands:)
Commissar HamsterloverLEver felt like you wanted to do more for the army but don’t know where to start? THEN THE SOLDIER ADVISING COMMITTEE OFFICE (🌮 SACO 🌮 )IS FOR YOU!!!!
You’ll have the chance to work closely with the officers and make a difference in RFCP! Plus not to mention, it’s great for proving you’re worthy of a promotion especially to officer! Apply in the #division-applications channel today!


Click to enlarge.
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There are 10 differences in the below photos. Can you find them all?


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