Justice For Prior Warriors

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Hear ye, hear ye. Calling all social justice warriors to bring freedom at last to Prior Warriors.

After being “banned” from CPAH, Prior Bumble and a handful of RFCP hicom formed on August 14 a totally new army with a totally new flag and governing structure called Prior Warriors, or PWCP. 

In this server, MEE6 bot greets every new arrival with shakes hand firmly. The roles are divided between “Prior Bumble” and “Not Prior Bumble.” PWCP also boasts an impressive array of advisors, who are all called Lord Pain. 

Above all is the selection of top notch emotes. 

And their devoted allies. 

RFCP even agreed to ally. 

Astonishingly, Prior Warriors was NOT accepted in CPAH. Please join us as we campaign to reverse this injustice. 


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