1-0 RFCP in the Outsiders War; TCP Lies to Troops Following Verdict

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: After the judge rules RFCP victory, a desperate TCP misleads their troops after biting off more than they can chew. Written by MicrowaveableHamster, edited by Prior Bumble.

Yesterday was a VERY busy day for RFCP! 

Before the Battle

We started out the morning with an Air Force training event, led by our very own Red-Baron-in-Training Dabon, maxing 5. 

Following the training, we had story time, with a VERY special guest reader, Prior Bumble! Seventeen people turned up to see our beloved and retired Commander and to hear him read to us a sacred story from Int’ai’uto. It brought comfort and peace.

The Battle

Last night was the highlight event of the busy day; our first battle kicking off the Outsiders War with Templars of Club Penguin (TCP). This also marked CoolJ’s first official battle as Commander of RFCP. We maxed at 27 and our average max held strong at 25. The battle took place on White House (CPATG) at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Room 1: Crow’s Nest

The first room we battled in was the Crow’s Nest: an abnormally small room to have a major battle in, but nonetheless, we prevailed and fought through it with visible tactics and quick formations.

Unfortunately for the Templars, they couldn’t stand it another moment and room changed a full minute early! 

Unfortunately for the Templars, they couldn’t stand it another moment and room changed a full minute early! 

Room 2: Night Club

For our second room, we headed to the Night Club, where the skittish Templars were already waiting for us.

They made several disparaging remarks about the retirement of our beloved Prior Bumble, even going as far as saying he had lost his Legend status (untrue, check the Wiki :)). However, Prior’s retirement and their apparent obsession with him long after he is gone, only serves to show what a Legend he truly is. Commander CoolJ took it all in stride and had several well thought-out retorts to their hatred. 

TCP predictably accusing RFCP of multilogging (if we multi’ed, wouldn’t proof have come out in Sha and Supreme’s article? hmmm).

Room 3: Ski Lodge

For our final room we headed to the Ski Lodge, where we battled hard and, with some well-placed formations and tactics, made ourselves very visible even as the Templars attempted several large words bubbles in an last ditch effort to gain the upper hand of the room. Here, a Templar said, “Coolj is a black.” RFCP hit back, “Something wrong with me being black?” to which TCP’s next tactic was, “Yes.”

Social Justice Warrior Maddiecw was fighting for the Templars–are we laying down our Social Justice standards, Maddie? Hmm.


Alas, when the cuckoo clock chimed and the battle ended, we were hit with several surprises.

First came a few messages from Commander Coolj and affectionately-nicknamed Uncle Cena, who assisted us in the battle. 

We were all shocked and, understandably, confused as to what this meant for the battle, but waited in the lodge with TCP (who were becoming more toxic by the second) until time for the next room.

When the clock struck :40, everyone moved to the iceberg for overtime, and the battle continued. Soldiers on both sides were tired and everyone was fighting with everything they had when we were hit with another surprise:

A notification, small on the screen and nothing but mere words to some, but an instant burst of excitement and joy for the members of RFCP, who knew what those four short words meant. Our beloved Commander Prior Bumble had joined us on the battlefield.

With Commander Prior boosting morale and steeping RFCP’s edge, the battle proceeded. The usual toxicity extended from TCP, showing their baseless hatred towards Prior Bumble. However, where TCP filled with anger and resentment, RFCP was filled with determination, pride, and happiness. 

E6 Waterfall

Led by Commander CoolJ, we worked our way through the rest of the battle with ease, earning us a victory in the first battle of the Outsiders War. 

The judge.

Here, Xing proceeded to call Rowan a “faggot” and TCP then lied to their troops and said they won. We are struggling to understand how we are the “toxic” ones.

With all the celebrations done and over with, RFCP just has one thing to say:

You mad?

Stay mad.


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