RFCP Celebrates National Coffee Day with CoffeeBean!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The army spotlights officer CoffeeBean on National Coffee Day with interviews and puns.

29 September 2020, was National Coffee Day! To celebrate, I sat down to chat with our beloved Col. CoffeeBean (who is an avid blog reader <3) and several of our RFCP members. Later, we met up in the Coffee Shop for a nice, warm, cup of coffee with CoffeeBean and a game of Bean Counters.

For National Coffee Day, it seemed obvious that I should turn to RFCP’s resident expert on coffee, CoffeeBean, who was more than excited to sit down for a blog interview:

MicroHamster(M): Why did you choose the name CoffeeBean?
CoffeeBean (C): Well, my original user was Willow7204 (that’s the name I oathed under). One day I was on vc (voice chat) when I decided to change it, and asked for suggestions and someone said CoffeeBean, so I put ‘LilCoffeeBean’. Not long after, I took off the ‘lil’ part.

M: Do you actually like coffee though?
C: Yes, I like Coffee. I am not able to drink it as often as I’d like though.

M: How do you like to drink your coffee when you do have it?
C: I usually have breakfast blend with a couple spoons of sugar and hazelnut creamer. During the holidays when the “almond joy” creamer is out, I like to use that creamer, with no sugar.

M: We’re in the fall season, so I have to ask, what are your thoughts on pumpkin spice?
C: I have never tried any pumpkin spice drink before. The closest thing has to be apple cider (as a fall drink), and I love that.

Following the interview, members of RFCP logged on for a visit to the Coffee Shop with CoffeeBean to hang out and have a game of Bean Counters. We maxed 6 and had a latte of fun.

I reached out to several members of RFCP throughout the day to get them to espresso their feelings for Colonel CoffeeBean. As predicted, everyone jumped at the opportunity to praise our dearest CoffeeBean:

“Definition of coffee: a beverage to wake you up in the morning and a person that puts a smile on a shy guy. Coffee ilysm and I’m not sure I’d meet anyone as great as you <3”
– Colonel Shy Guy

“Ily Coffee!”
– Mikan

“We love coffee :3”
– JustinTFC

“What can i say bout Coffee… she’s a very warm and hardworking person. She cares about others and tries her best to help em out sometimes even forgetting bout herself. She helped me when I was on a hard period, she was always there when I needed some help for sumthin or some kind of advice. Huge thanks comes from your friend Dole and happy National Coffee Day, CoffeBean!!!”
– Dolepie

“Coffee is one of the hardest working and most dedicated members of the RFCP. She cares so much for the RFCP and the RFCP cares so much for her. I am very blessed and lucky to call her one of my closets friends!”
– Colonel Sillabye

“Well coffee was my assigned penguin buddy when I joined with cookie, so she’s probably the penguin I talk to the most (excluding cookie obviously). Coffee is extremely trustworthy and approachable on any matter, and has demonstrated to me that anything said in DM says private. She is always humble enough to admit errors and strives for self improvement. Coffee has earned my full trust in her ability to handle any issue I have, or hear out my complaints and rants, especially now that Prior is retired. My only complaint is her attempt to usurp the name Blue in chat recently (referring to our game of Among Us in the server). There can be only one Blue in RFCP, and that’s me.”
– Blueback

“I’d give her hazelnut iced coffee in a heart beat.”
– Field Marshal Joshafter

“I know that Blue & Coffee are closer than I am to her, so he will have better things to say, but I can take a stab at it: Coffee is a wonderful friend and is always there for you if you need her. She is trustworthy and sweet. I really appreciate how much she does for RFCP as an army, but also as a comrade who looks out for others. She is one of the strongest members that I know. She makes people feel welcome and is a true gem. I am grateful for having met her.”
– Cookie

“Reminder: I love you and so do a lot of us. You are loved, you are important, you are appreciated, you are smart, you are funny, you are amazing, you are beautiful. Best start believing in it or else you get the broom.”
– Colonel Anilia

Happy National Coffee Day to CoffeeBean and all of you brew-tiful coffee fanatics out there!


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