Are We Still in Ukahala? New Developments Challenge Policy

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Recent developments in the server have raised questions about the extent of RFCP’s isolation policy. Read on for a compelling analysis. 

In the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), “Ukahala” means many things. It is an island between the Iceberg and Int’ai’uto. It is a CPPS. It is a word in Penguin Latin (translating to “Paradise” or “Safe place”). And it is a political foreign policy, one which means isolationism from the Club Penguin Army (CPA) community. Ukahala was invoked twice in the army’s history. The first time occurred in late Spring of 2020 after a series of injustices against RFCP by the CPA community. The policy was lifted over the summer of that year. Then, Ukahala was reactivated a few months after Commander Prior Bumble‘s tragic retirement of September 2020. This informal policy was never announced under former Cmdr. Coolj, but the army fell into strict adherence of it the more it found the CPA community intolerable and their respective values diverging. Only when Cmdr. Prior returned in June of 2022 did he label the protectionist behavior of the RFCP as being the Ukahala policy revived. 

The policy of course goes both ways. When Ukahala is in effect, no one who is non-enlisted from CPA is allowed inside the RFCP main server. Likewise, no enlisted RFCP is allowed even as a visitor in any CPA server. Those who disagree with such restrictions are welcome to depart from the army–and yet, few ever have (the only two enlisted soldiers ever to quit RFCP due to Ukahala were MaddieCW and Arne). Ukahala, from an outsider’s perspective, perhaps appears to be a prime example of Prior Bumble’s authoritative iron grasp on the army. Those who truly understand RFCP culture, however, will not be surprised to see that support for isolationism from CPA is unanimous among the soldiers. 

Although the wars of the past, and the poison of the morally sick, are still fresh for RFCP, much time has passed with Ukahala being in constant effect. Indeed it may be hard for some to remember that this wasn’t always the way the army lived–eras ago, RFCP soldiers socialized liberally in the servers of allies. 

Developments in the past month have challenged the ubiquitous nature of Ukahala. For the first time in ages, #general-chat has been showered in blue usernames–blue, the historic color for RFCP’s ally roles. 

This tentative erosion of Ukahala began with inducting Royal Mist as an Uncle and welcoming him into the server, an event which resulted in his ban from CPA by popular vote. The topic of this and all its hateful absurdity need not be exhausted, as perspective, years from now, will humiliate the ones who voted for this ban and led the campaign. 

But Uncle is a special position, one almost in-between ally and enlisted, which implies intimacy with the army. Because of this, it is not terribly alarming to find Prior Bumble approving of inching open the gate of the server for Uncles. 

Eyebrows rose, however, when more select allies began to enter.

One, two, three…

On a case by case basis, non-enlisted users from allied armies were approved for entry. At some point, the question could no longer be avoided: Just how much would the Ukahala policy be relaxed before it is no longer the policy? Or at least until RFCP can no longer claim it is with solid footing?

For clarification, the blog asked the Commander for comment. 

“Your analysis is not unfounded,” he said. “But there is a key point that cannot be overlooked in this discussion: The policy of Ukahala is only applicable relative to the CPA community. We are most certainly NOT isolated, nor enforcing isolation, from any other digital community, or from those who we deem to not hold the negative traits we’ve shut out. Because of this, the further along we are in our journey of detoxification from the influence of CPA, the more Ukahala as a policy becomes obsolete. It becomes less a conditional policy and more of an assumed norm, especially since I declared that we should stop considering ourselves in context with ‘the [CPA] community.’ We ARE the ‘the community’ now.”

While allies have been trickling into our server, the law against allowing soldiers into THEIR servers has stood. Cmdr. Prior confirmed that RFCP enlisted who suspect that these developments signal complete open borders with allies is imminent will be mistaken. The protocol remains strictly case-by-case approval for comings and goings. However, there have been marked changes in atmosphere due to the new foreign arrivals. An even more active chat, and some healthy third party conversation about the army’s exciting history and identity, have proven that the decision to allow in select visitors was a positive one. 

So positive, in fact, that as recently as September 21, 2022, a non-enlisted, Master0, boosted the RFCP server. Twice!

RFCP is grateful.

There is no doubt these changes represent the forward progression of RFCP into a dynamic future. But they also challenge precedents and raise questions. Where is the foreign policy heading? As always, the army adapts to present situations with its key values in the forefront–striking the right balance of safety and exposure is an interesting new factor in RFCP’s growth that both officer and soldier alike will surely be monitoring.

What do YOU think about select allies being allowed in the server? Should borders open up entirely, or is RFCP better off insulated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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