100 Enlisted! RFCP Reaches Goal; Unlocks Phase III

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Newsworthy achievement! The army has enlisted its 100th soldier.

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) enlisted its 100th soldier.

This achievement follows the relentless recruiting efforts by Commander Prior Bumble, Red Baron Exsavitator, General Wolfy, and a few others within the past two months. It is made even more impressive by the fact that since August 5, the army has recruited about 35 soldiers: That roughly equates to bringing in a new member every other day for 55 days.

The honor of recruiting the exact 100th soldier went the Gen. Wolfy, and the 100th soldier is Agent toad.

We wish the emphasize a few points which REALLY hammer in just how awesome this is!

  1. 100 enlisted does not mean we only have 100 people in the server. We have as many as 39 allies, Uncles, and Honorably Retired as members of our community as well.
  2. 100 enlisted does NOT include inactive soldiers! They have a special on leave role which does not count them towards our enlisted tally. All 100 are active!
  3. 100 enlisted, as always, has NO dual-enlisters. Pure RFCP.

In fact, at the moment of this posting, the army is at 101 enlisted. The Commander, it seems, waited a few days before authorizing this announcement to ensure the number stuck.

Reaching 100 enlisted demonstrates the strength of this new era of the army we live in–one which harkens to past glory days and days where RFCP had as many as approximately 220 enlisted soldiers.

Maybe that will be the next goal.

This achievement also marks a new phase for RFCP–Phase III, which the Commander outlined back in early August.

Some of the notable promises Cmdr. Prior made regarding Phase III are:

Indeed, the blog has intel that the project called AoW225 is well underway, and some have already seen a sneak peek–but we do await formal announcement.

As for the rest, there should be no doubt that with all the moving-and-shaking Cmdr. Prior has done in RFCP since his return that those promises will be fulfilled.

“I always keep my promises,” said the Commander.

And with 100 manpower, there’s no limit on what he can do next.

What do YOU think the army can expect after being 100 enlisted strong? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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