Phase III

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–For real?? In this From the Desk of the Commander post, Prior Bumble has a shocking announcement. But is it really…Phase III?

Soldiers of the RFCP,

We enter into August. In the army world, August is a low month. The burst of energy from early summer (prompted by the sudden free time allotted to busy students) has passed, and so have its usual wars. By late summer, armies are left with tired soldiers who are licking their wounds from the previous conflicts and are starting to feel anxious about school starting again. My words are not speculation, but historical. Consider the deadlock following World War 8, when the top armies wrapped up their feuds before midsummer and the smaller armies were immobilized by Ice Warriors’ control in the weeks following. Or, a year earlier, consider this post I wrote addressing just such an August depression.

Despite being out of CPA at this time, RFCP is not immune to dips and rises. So how do we avoid this seasonal slowdown?

For one, RFCP has always been wise about circumventing this. We scheduled the summer Feddies for every August to inject domestic excitement into the server. I look forward to celebrating this fantastic tradition with you in the coming weeks.

In this current era, though, we must take stock of where we are now. Not just what is happening in August, but what is happening this August. Because we have come a long way since June 5, 2022.

Phase I in far behind us. We are deep into Phase II, and some might even say…we have completed Phase II. Look at what we have checked off from this Phase:

  • Divisions have been reopened
  • Recruitments have picked up, with several new Agents chatting in the server
  • Veterans have been invited back, and many have accepted the call (Welcome home, Dani!)
  • The Ordinance Enactment has been implemented

My sons and daughters, the list above is comprehensive. According to what the plan originally outlined, all objectives have been fulfilled.

So if the Two Phase Plan is done…where do we go from here?

Some have begun asking me if there is a Phase III. Of course, the idea has crossed my mind. But the answer is:

You tell me.

I have a proposal for Phase III that is the army’s for the taking. But unlike Phases I and II, Phase III is a destination, not a route. And you are the driver–one who should, by now, be comfortable with the road.

We are currently at 70 enlisted soldiers. To unlock Phase III, we need to see 100 enlisted. This is not simply a way to motivate you–it is a physical reality that we need more hands on deck if we are to accomplish what a Phase III has to offer. There will not be enough manpower otherwise.

Here is the new Phase that will begin the moment 100 enlisted happens, and everything listed shall be milestones the army will reach during this Phase.

Phase III

  • Release of a secret project called Aow225–I repeat, this will be released the MOMENT we hit 100.
  • Opening of a new division.
  • Release of in-real-life RFCP trading cards.
  • Max 20.

What a Phase to behold if we can arrive there. Recruiting 30 additional soldiers I know must seem like a tall order. But have we already forgotten what Phase I taught us? Division of labor. If only 6 soldiers pledged 5 recruits each, we will have already unlocked the Phase. And mind you–our experience in RFCP from now until the unlocking of Phase III will not just be endless working to bring in new Agents. It will continue to be a place of fun and support. Non-Phase-related plans we have in store for you will continue to delight and refresh the server. Our reliable schedule will continue to deliver timeless favorite activities (including the Feddies), but in the near future I will also introduce a COMPLETELY revolutionary semester of RFCP-U, a new RHL season, some exciting changes to hicom, and the development of a mobile app for our CPPS (upon technological possibility). We will reach Phase III having an excellent time.

Again, this prospective Phase available to you is less a route than it is a destination–an ultimate expression of the successes of the previous Phases. After Phase III, I expect us to be at absolute full strength, as we were in our peak. Yes, at the end of Phase III, our peak shall return.

And maybe a Phase IV would even eclipse it.

I hope you will help me unlock Phase III.

Erat ipso sacra.

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