The Recon Federation of Club… Pokémon?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Have you always wondered which Pokémon your favorite RFCP soldiers would be? Read on to see that question get answered!

AoW 4.14–“Love animals and the earth.”

As many of you know by now, most of the soldiers in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) are somewhat obsessed with Pokémon: From Pokémon takeovers in our Discord server, long discussions in our #general-gaming channel about the topic, and now on to our newest Pokémon-catching bot, PokéTwo. Some have even taken to listening to Pokémon music for motivation while they are doing homework that they’ve been putting off for too long…

All of this talk about Pokémon left me wondering: Which Pokémon represents each soldier of the RFCP?

After about a week of thoughtful planning and research, I, Gen. Microwaveable Hamster, am finally here to give you my deeply detailed analysis into the Pokémon that best represents some of our favorite friends in the server. 

Disclaimer: These are just MY opinions, and they do not have any factual basis behind them. No soldiers of RFCP are secretly Pokémon in disguise.

Capt. Exsavitator

Not only is Furret Capt. Exsavitator’s favorite Pokémon, but it is also a Pokémon that perfectly embodies him! Exsavitator is one of our younger soldiers, but he is extremely loyal and perfectly capable at leading and holding his own in battle. Furret is known for chasing Rattatas away, despite its short legs and size. Just like with Furret, our younger soldiers should not be underestimated!

Maj. Chocolateyness

I will admit, I originally chose Bellsprout for Maj. Chocolateyness just based off the similarities between this Pokémon and Choco’s standing profile photo featuring a Peashooter from the Plants vs. Zombies game. However, Bellsprout is also known to devour almost anything that gets near their mouths. Choco spent the majority of our Baywatch takeover week luring people to “hold out their arm”….and then he chomped it. Unlike Bellsprout, though, Chocolateyness was kind enough to spit out the devoured arms after eating them. 

Commissar HamsterLoverL

Predictable? Yes. Inaccurate? Absolutely not. Commissar Hamster perfectly embodies a Pikachu with her electric personality and well-known friendly nature. Despite that friendliness, though, she has an aggressive side on the battlefront. This allows her to shock our opponents with her agile tactics and strength. There’s a reason she’s our “Lead with Speed” professor! Pikachu is a very loyal right hand man to Ash throughout his journey, much like our very own second-in-command rodent is very loyal to Commander Prior Bumble and the RFCP. 

Prior Bumble

I will admit, choosing a Pokémon that perfectly embodies the spirit of RFCP Commander, Prior Bumble, was incredibly difficult. Empoleon was the obvious choice, but I didn’t think that it was good enough to represent all of the power that Prior seems to radiate from head to toe. 

So, after consulting a few people, everyone pretty unanimously agreed that Zacian, the legendary wolf Pokémon, was a perfect fit. Prior is known as being the alpha wolf of RFCP, and he is certainly one of a kind. This Pokémon is known to be incredibly tough, stubborn, territorial, and fairly egotistical–all traits that we know and adore in Prior Bumble. In researching this Pokémon for the blog, I discovered that Zacian is said to be covered in scars from battle and that his left ear had been severed halfway off. I thought that physical attribute was a perfect nod to Prior Bumble’s many battle scars and his injured left eye. Let’s also take note of the sword this warrior Pokémon proudly carries!

What do YOU think about my Pokémon choices that represent our soldiers? And what would mine be? Leave us a comment below to give us YOUR thoughts!


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