RFCP-U Hosts 2nd Graduation Ceremony

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Soldiers gather at the end of the fourth semester of RFCP-U for the second-ever graduation ceremony! Who walked away with a diploma?

Lightbulbs for ideas!

On Monday, August 1, at 9:00 p.m. EST, 12 soldiers joined either Ukahala (alongside the interview-elusive Billy Bot) or Discord stream for a fun and cap-flinging graduation ceremony. Those in-penguin met at the Dojo. And after a semester of hard work at the Recon Federation of Club Penguin‘s (RFCP) private university, RFCP-U, everyone was ready to put the books down and celebrate their achievements.

Soon after everyone formed a horizontal line, dressed in both their uniforms and purple (how fitting!) graduation caps (!ai 409), Commander Prior Bumble–the acting Dean in the absence of Dean Redovyco–announced that there would be a special guest delivering the commencement address…

Since Michelle Obama spoke at the first graduation, several people were wondering if she would be making a return visit. However, it wasn’t the former first lady of the United States–it was Beyoncé!

(Borrowing the acocunt of the former Commander, of course)

It turns out Beyoncé is a HUGE fan of RFCP. She gave a stirring speech while everyone ogled.

Then, the pop star gave a live concert during the handing out of diplomas. Graduates stood as their names were called and walked over to Prior Bumble to receive their diploma.

Prior gave them all a firm handshake and one command: “Keep learning!”

A comprehensive list of those honored in the graduation ceremony is:

Col. Voidwalker (Bachelor’s)

Maj. AquaStarr (Bachelor’s)

Maj. Djchoruskid (Master’s)

Maj. Chocolateyness (Master’s)

Capt. Exsavitator (Master’s) (On Discord)

Due to the ever-hardworking nature of our fabulous RFCP-U students, the graduates listed blow unfortunately could not make it to this ceremony, but were still celebrated:

Gen. MicroHamster (Bachelor’s)

Col. RandomPlayer10 (Bachelor’s)

Col. ShyGuy (Bachelor’s)

Gen. Sillabye (Master’s)

Maj. CC (Master’s)

Gen. Anilia (Doctorate)

Huge shoutout thank you message to our extraordinary Commissar HamsterloverL for calculating the credits and producing the lists of graduates!

After each soldier reviewed their diploma, they were asked to use “!ai 5109.” This command officially equipped each of our graduates with their in-game diplomas!

After the handing out of the scrolls, all the soldiers held theirs in their right hand and waved as they logged off for the night. From there, Discord roles representing their degrees were assigned to each graduate, and graduates can also look forward to being DM’ed actual certificates of their diploma, including their name and signatures from the acting and incoming Dean.

These are done one-by-one, so sit tight as they’re being produced, and….

Time to look forward to NEXT semester!

[This is Prior. Idk where to put this screenshot but I want it included lol]

What did YOU think about our graduation ceremony? Give all our grads some love in the comments below!

Maj. DjChorusKid

Reporter in Training

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