Meet RFCP’s Newest Bot

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A HUGE new feature was added to our server yesterday. Get the inside scoop!

When Col. Voidwalker signed up for Commander Prior Bumble‘s daily distribution of orders in hicom, he had no idea what he was in for. The Commander, ever drowning in vision, commissioned him to design a bot which would randomly generate 1 of the 100 verses found in Prior Bumble’s The Art of Warafre (AoW). What a task!

But, who better to accomplish it than our own tech whiz, who mans the bot V.I.R.U.S., offers computer support in the #ito-tech-support channel (ito = “Infinity Tech Omega”), and who recently taught an RFCP-U class about the bots in the server? Prior trusted him with this monumental cultural addition to the army and emailed him the copy-and-paste-able text from the entire AoW.

Over the weeks of July, Voidwalker provided updates–including both progress and roadblocks. He identified a bot–called Gary Bot–which he thought just might possess the needed capabilities. He decided to renovate it. On July 10, Voidwalker experimented with this prototype as Prior peered over it. That version ended up having far too much attitude, though.

Days passed. Voidwalker worked out the kinks, and even purchased a premium hosting service to ensure the bot would run smoothly. At last, Prior heard several pings in Voidwalker’s tech-testing server….


Prior rushed to alert the army to expect a HUGE surprise.

And when the bot finally arrived, soldiers gaped in astonishment. They used the command–/aow–and marveled at how AoW verses generated before their eyes.

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) blog sat down with the developer, Col. Voidwalker, to learn more behind-the-scenes information about this fantastic invention.

Q: That was some mighty impressive bot work you pulled off. How did you do it?

Voidwalker (V): im the tech guy, ehhhhh call it magic 😉

Q: So secretive!! Not even a short version??

V: alright, code, work, lotta money, penguin sacrifice ritual, the usual

Q: So our Nicki Minaj is really Mee6 and our Fiji Water is really Dyno. What can you tell us about this original bot you repurposed into The Art of Warfare?

V: The bot for TAoW was originally a bot used for testing purposes; however it was decommissioned after a couple [of] failed tries, and I decided to recycle it. 🙂

Q: How many hours total do you think it took you to make the final version of the bot?

V: Hmm…final version? Maybe 32 hours. Testing phase always takes a long time.

Q: Finally, what is your favorite thing about the bot, and how do you hope people will use it?

V: I love quote 3.20 the most, as it has what we call an Easter Egg! It refers to our lovely commander’s late best friend. So, I felt obligated to do something for the big guy. As for what I hope people will do with it? Use it in a time of need. If you feel sad, grab a quote. Just please, don’t abuse it.

What a special Easter Egg. Are there more for you to discover? Only one way to find out–and you’ll be nourished with the wisdom of AoW while you’re at it.

To reward the colonel’s immense efforts creating this bot, Prior Bumble promised Voidwalker a Medal of Honor (the second most prestigious in the army), with one stipulation: that the bot work well for two weeks, demonstrating its permanence and permanence for Voidwalker’s legacy and medal.

Use this countdown clock to count down the second with us until Col. Voidwalker receives his medal!

Let’s see what the AoW bot generates for us, seconds before posting this blog…

Wow. <3

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