Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issue 8

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— The RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with another edition of our Sunday paper! 

Weekly Recap

This week, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) was focused on RFCP-University’s (RFCP-U) BOOK CLUB! Every day this week, there were two book club sessions, one held in the afternoon and another at night, studying the history of RFCP, which consisted of reading aloud in voice chat chapters of the army’s beloved history page. Attending all segments of Book Club is a requirement of earning a doctorate degree, so many were eager to check it out. Thirteen people total joined in on the lessons to earn credits towards their respective degrees.

Following the sectioned reading, a discussion with questions took place in the RFCP-U channel. There will be makeup courses this week, so the final tally of degrees earned has not yet been calculated. If you missed any of the courses and would like to earn a credit, please reach out to Commissar Hamster to schedule your retake.

Wednesday night was Casino Night as always, and we took a small study break for a fun online game of Cards Against Humanity, hosted by Gen. Tumbling. Six people joined in on the hilarious game. I, Gen. MicroHam, ended up winning by an extremely close margin followed by Capt. Krispy in second place and Capt. Exsavitator in third place.

Soldier of the Week

Not to be confused with the Fake James, this week’s Soldier of the Week is Corp. Starz! She hasn’t been with us for very long, and yet she is one of our most active new recruits. She’s extremely passionate about being in RFCP and has become a close friend to everyone. Congratulations, Starz!

This Week in RFCP History

  • 18 July 2019–RFCP signed the Treaty of Smoke and Citrus, formally ending the War of Smoke and Sour with LGA.
  • 25 July 2020–RFCP signed the Pact of Stewardship with LGA, securing RFCP’s ownership of CPAH’s Northern Lights territory, but allowing LGA to be its steward, as RFCP was not in the league at the time.
  • 30 July 2020–Commissar Coolj was officially promoted to 2ic of RFCP!


What is this section???

Hello, RFCP! This is your Commander speaking. I have decided to declare a new section of the Sunday Fun-Day–the classifieds section! You may be thinking that classifieds in the Recon Federation means classified material that is secret. But that’s not the definition when speaking about newspapers:

This new section will allow for any enlisted to post an advertisement for BB, with the price adjusted by word count and color (red will be more expensive). More information on this store item available soon when the store is renovated this upcoming week. I will also use this section myself for doing small shout-outs relevant from this past week (you can assume I paid for it!). It will be presented as a table. Here is an example!

Cmdr. Prior BumbleWelcome back to full enlisted service, Maj. Dani!
Gen. Microwaveable HamsterShoutout to Gen. Tumbling on his RFCP Black Star!

Puzzles and Games

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Yesterday, Saturday, was National Ping Vizconde Don and Send Him a Twilight Meme Day in RFCP 😉

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