Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issues 10 and 11

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ Prepare for Bumble…and make it DOUBLE!  A double feature of Sunday Funday, that is!  

Weekly Recap: 

On Tuesday, August 9, RFCP hit the right notes when Commissar Hamsterlover and Capt. Krispy turned their short listen-along into a full-on Voicechat Party!  7 soldiers (and Nicki Minaj of course) joined voice chat to share some of their favorite songs! 

A very eclectic selection of songs were chosen!  Between Coolj’s favorites of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, to Prior Bumble’s selection of Lady Gaga songs, to even the nationalistic Anthem of RFCP, the chat was very much alive with song!

We even had a karaoke sing-along to a classic: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey!

The next day was Casino night!  While Air Force hosted a Cards Against Humanity game, Prior Bumble hosted a RFCP themed Wheel of Fortune event!  Soldiers had to guess the RFCP related word by buying letters to unveil more of the word!  

As summer comes to a close and more soldiers return to school, Silver Thirty found it necessary to give summer a true send off on August 12, in classic RFCP style!  Maj. October hosted a “Summer is Dead” themed Gartic Phone where participants would create prompts related to school or the end of summer and the other players would have to draw and guess what the prompt is!  Eventually many of these drawings became very unlike the original prompt, which led to a lot of laughs!


After the last Voicechat party, Gen. Microhamster, Maj. DJ and Maj. Chocolateyness decided to once again shower the channel’s namesake, Captain Kripsy, with some love by streaming some of his favorite Lana Del Rey songs in the chat!

Gen. Tumbling kept the patrol division busy, hosting a hide-and-seek event for the soldiers!  

Look at October there, repping the Ghost Recon Raid Division’s snazzy uniform!

The next day, August 17, Maj. DJ hosted RFCP Trivia for Casino Night. His questions were hard!

hThe army of course enjoyed a game of Skribbl as well on August 21. A max of 6 attended.

This also happened:

Ahoy there, mateys!  RFCP walked the plank on August 25th when these scurvy-infested pirates boarded the Migrator for some adventures on the high seas!  Our pirate crew reached a double-digit max of 10!  Although it seemed their destination was more than just treasure, as the X on the treasure map led to October’s igloo…

…for a birthday party for Commissar Hamsterlover of course!  Thank you all for a wonderful night!  

Soldier of the Week

This week’s SOTW is our new Ice Agent Aphrodite Bride The Artist!!!!  Despite just joining, they’ve been super involved!!!!  Keep up the great work Ice Agent!

This Week in RFCP History


Feddie Award Show is TONIGHT at 6 pm est!!!!  Get ready to Feddie!!!


Puzzles and Games

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