• The Recon Federation of Club Penguin is an official Club Penguin Army founded by Prior Bumble, a CPA Legend and original army veteran from 2008. We are one of the strongest and most renowned armies of the modern era. Join us today! 

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Practice Battle with LGA!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Today, RFCP ha a practice battle with their great allies, LGA.

Good evening, RFCP! We had a fantastic practice battle with LGA today.

Commander Prior took this practice duel as a way to coach his officers in battle, pushing them to be faster and strategic in their dance with the limes.

Both armies had a great time. Commander Prior laughed at a few of LGA’s bantering tactics, including DMT’s “WE’RE JUST TRYING TO PLAY CLUB PENGUIN,” and later, LGA did !ai 495 and said, “WE WANT TO WEAR THE HAT,” donning Prior’s famous cap.

The rooms were Stadium, Berg, and Mine Interior.

Special thanks to Sarahah for fighting with us! We salute the LGA, our new brothers, and express that we could not be more enthusiastic about our friendship.

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