WordPress Update Makes RFCP Blog Sick. We’re Working on it!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: A statement from the blog regarding the new afflictions and technical issues the RFCP official site is experiencing.

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Loyal readers! On Thursday, WordPress updated to its 5.5 version, whatever that means. Unfortunately, our site’s theme, Kubrick, is recently retired and did not respond well to these changes. Pictures are stretched and wonky.

Traditionally, Club Penguin armies use basic, early 2000s-style website themes. Kubrick was the closest theme to the gold standard, Digg 3, available to RFCP, a modern army, at the time of creation. Retired themes like Digg 3 are not an option for new websites, but sites that have used the theme from the start a decade ago have the privilege of continuing to function with it. Kubrick has now retired as well.

Commander Prior does not want to switch to a modern theme. So far, WordPress developers have communicated that nothing can be done to fix the site after this deadly update. Prior is pursuing it with upper management.

We wanted to address the elephant in the room and let you know we’re working on it. Please color Get Well Soon cards for our beloved blog and submit them to Prior Bumble to be included in a later post.

Erat ipso sacra.

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