Sunday Funday: Word Search, Crossword, and Where’s Prior

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Enjoy these fun puzzles in RFCP theme! Remember that the blog is still ill, so click the images for proper dimensions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This blog was a prototype of our new Sunday Fun-Day Newspaper series! Check it out!

Hello troops of RFCP,

This is the first week of a new series called RFCP puzzle week. Every week, I will be making fun puzzles that you can do for a chance to win BB. The winners will be decided by a raffle that I will do online. Everything in the puzzles are RFCP related.


You can help each other if you want, as this is mainly just for entertainment. If you do help each other out, have one person DM me the names of everyone who was helping, so if you win, you will all get the reward.

Have fun!

That is all the puzzles. If you have any more ideas for puzzles, DM Da Best#6362!


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