RFCP Holds 3rd Semiannual Feddie Awards

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: After a thrilling Feddiegate investigation, RFCP finally holds its most anticipated event of the year, the Feddies!

Anilia’s igloo, Ukahala themed and red carpet ready

Yesterday, RFCP held the third Feddies. This historic event took place on Ukahala, and enlisted and ally alike donned black tie attire for the occasion. Not only was the award show highly anticipated due to it being one of the oldest RFCP traditions, and where the army names its Legends, but a thrilling investigation (FEDDIEGATE!) led up to it.

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Made by Sergeant Infector

When our investigative team interrogated Billy Bot Thorton on Ukahala in the secret underground grotto, as the clues pointed out, a mysterious figure named “A Penguin” arrived unexpectedly at the scene. He was cloaked and masked.

A Penguin (perhaps standing for Armando? Allen?) said that Billy Bot was innocent and he just needed to lure them there so he could meet them and deliver the warning that the Feddies must NOT be scheduled for Sunday. Sunday, he said, is when a bomb was set to go off. A Penguin tasked the soldiers with doing all in their might to stop Prior Bumble from scheduling the Feddies for Sunday while A Penguin continued to track down the culprit. Sure enough…

Commissar Coolj even alerted us that Nicki would NOT be coming when a bomb threat is in play. She has a CHILD.

After much convincing, Prior relented and rescheduled the Feddies.

Then, the soldiers heard from the elusive A Penguin when he seized control of the DMing bot in RFCP.

But there was little time. The event finally was at hand! At what seemed like a non-coincidental and suspicious moment, cpps.io crashed, and the ceremony was redirected to Ukahala. Attendees gathered at the stage and eagerly awaited their host, who, in the past, was the famous Lieutenant Lucky Quinn. Who would it be this time?


A Penguin arrived on the stage and began announcing awards. But where was Prior Bumble? It couldn’t be right. Commissar Coolj attempted to arrest A Penguin, and the cloaked figure fled. He was apprehended in the boiler room and admitted to coordinating all of Feddiegate so he could wrest control of the sacred event. With all confessed and no options left, he released Prior Bumble. Guests moved to Anilia’s igloo for the real ceremony.

We never found out A Penguin’s true identity.

Now, let’s finally put Feddiegate aside and get to the awards! Below is the complete list:

Congrats to all the winners, and new RFCP LEGEND, SHALLISSA.

And lastly, let’s take a look at some of the STUNNING outfits our troops dazzled in.

And thus closes another spectacular Feddies, with moving words from our Commander.

“This army has changed my life. I am not the same person I was before it. I have discovered who I really am. Because of RFCP. Because of Prior Bumble. Because of you.”

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