Could the Navy Surpass Air Force AND Army in RFCP?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter Pink Cloud editorializes the rise of the Navy under Admiral Pyxel, and makes a shocking prediction.

Some people may have only recently heard of RFCP’s Navy division, or do not even have access to the channel, but the Navy is fast growing. Many events in the AUSIA time zones are held at RFCP each week. As a matter of fact, the Navy maxes more than many S/M armies do in their U.S. events.

The Navy has gained several new members lately. But it was not always this strong. Currently, RFCP’s naval forces boast 48 members, out of which 12 -14 are active. Average max is between 9-12 with the highest max being 14.

Just in the past week, we have gained about 24 new recruits.
But the Navy alone couldn’t do this. Thanks go out to the Aunt of the Navy, AKA Anilia, who had a huge impact. She scheduled countless number of recruitment races and events.

But the Navy really got into recruitment when Aunt announced that she would be bringing back her old pfp. Most of RFCP, mainly the Navy, had been begging Anilia to get this old pfp back.

So Anilia had a deal. If the Navy gets many more new recruits, she would bring back her old pfp. It looked like this:

Our Admiral, Pyxel (AKA best Ausia leader), also put in a lot of effort. He too scheduled many events and encouraged the Navy. If it were not for him, this would not have happened in the first place.

Apart from the deal of getting Aunt’s old pfp back, the person with the maximum recruits would be getting Nitro, and $1000 Bumble Bucks.

Our Ausia Leader, Pyxel kept his bio as:

This TBH ^^

Here is a meme by Infector, an AUSIA member:

Infector collected all of these screenshots of Anilia announcing recruiting events:

I asked Aunt what she think about this, here was her reply:

“I love doing recruitment races. I love doing anything regarding recruitment. RFCP is amazing and it’s even more amazing to be able to share it with everyone.

The Navy has truly surprised me with how many new Navy recruits [we got]. I love the Navy so much and it’s so great to see it grow.

Shout out to Snipershan and Infector, because they have gone over and beyond in helping the RFCP Navy grow. I cannot wait to see it grow even more and we can do more events!”

I also asked her what she felt about the very first recruitment race. Here was her reply:

The first very Navy Recruitment Race!!! When Pyxel asked me to hold one for the Navy, I was then happy to do so because I love the Navy so much. I am Aunt of the Navy for a reason, haha. I love doing recruitment races because I’m pretty competitive myself and to be able to hold them now after becoming the Head of Recruitment Coalition, I’m just so excited. I love doing anything regarding recruitment anyway because I am able to share everything about the RFCP to new recruits. The Navy has truly surprised me with how many new Navy recruits joined us. Again, I love the Navy so much, and it is so great to see it grow. We used to max at least 4 people and now we are maxing at at least 10! I can’t wait to see it grow even more and we get to do more! Shoutout to our Snipershan and Infector because they have literally went over and beyond in helping and knocking this Recruitment Race out of the park! I love you Navy. You guys are making Aunt Anilia so, so proud! Keep it up you guys!

And with this pace, who knows! The Navy might take over the Air Force or maybe even the U.S.

Special thanks to Anilia and Infector!


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