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Defense of Yukon from RPF

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP defends CPAH server Yukon from unprovoked RPF aggression.

RFCP suspicions rose when, on August 3rd, a TCP scheduled invasion of Yukon was deleted moments after and replaced with an RPF invasion of Yukon.

“I was in the middle of an interview with CPAH about TCP invading Yukon, when both the reporter and I saw the change in armies and raised our eyebrows,” said Prior Bumble.

Although RPF 1ic crazzy denies it and says RPF was going to invade RFCP anyway (for what reason??), screenshots from TCP “imperator” ccrocket made it clear that RPF was doing the dirty work for Xing and TCP, the most toxic army in the community.

So, today, RFCP mustered a strong defense of Yukon with assistance by new allies, EFCP. Together, we maxed 31. But with RPF drumming up a max in the 90s, RFCP suffered from room lockouts. Nearly half our forces could not access the battle rooms. Nonetheless, creative and quick leading ensured RFCP was visible and forceful.


RFCP battle-cried with E+T upon arrival and clashed with RPF’s big-word tactics of “RPFOWNS RPFOWNS RPFOWNS RPFOWNS.” Prior ordered an inverted V formation while the ruddy dark colors of RPF crowded down at the chat bar in a backwards L. Both sides furled insults and moved. RFCP then deployed a \ formation and rapid-fired emojis while RPF crisscrossed the room with two horizontal and one vertical line.


RPF formed an A in this room while RFCP cut across the wide field in a horizontal line. Jabs heated up as RPF accused RFCP of troopstealing and RFCP called out RPF for helping the Templars, exercising tyranny, and oppressing the league. RFCP then moved to line the beach in an upside down T. According to CPAH reporter Scorpion Demon,

The Rebels replied quickly by moving to bomb the room themselves, and then moved into their enemy’s formation, successfully covering them and their tactics. Recon Federation moved out of this surprisingly well, displaying an exquisite circular bomb

Scorpion Demon, from his battle review.

Called a “blender” in RFCP, this clockwise EF vortex switched to counter-clockwise E6 and hypnotically captured attention in the center of the room as RPF remained stagnant. Then, in response to RPF’s tactic, “REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION,” RFCP replied, “YES, THAT’S YOUR NAME. GOOD JOB!” The final formation for RFCP was an = sign, spamming EK. This makes three formation changes by RFCP to RPF’s two.


The iceberg demanded adaption. During the opening bomb, Prior thought he saw RPF beginning to claim the coveted surround formation on the berg and ordered a responsive X formation to occupy center. As the bubbles faded, it became clear that RPF was in fact making an X as well, which merged into an infinity sign, and RFCP quickly adjusted to counter the X with a +. Prior attempted to take the surround formation after a waterfall, but RPF copied, and RFCP moved out into the center once more in an X formation. RFCP commented that RPF’s dark uniform looked like dirty snow on the pure white berg. At the battle’s close, the tactics from both armies became more ominous. RPF said, “THIS IS NOT THE END,” and RFCP said, “HIDDEN MESSAGES IN YOUR ARTICLES,” causing some to pause and question the sinister meaning of this.


RFCP was not surprised that RPF was ruled the victor of each room–there seldom is much any army can do against RPF’s decade-built numbers. But RFCP’s tactics were fast and more creative. We challenge CPAH reporters to be more evidence-based in their quick assumption that the triumphant army was “faster.” Do you have the numbers to prove this? Do you calculate? RFCP did three emotes in the forts by the time RPF did only one. Just because an army won does not automatically mean they were “faster,” even though that makes for easy reporting to assume. RPF takes Yukon, but RFCP is still the army that monumentally shakes servers while RPF sleepwalks through CPAH.

“Maybe next time when we get some other judges that might be looking at tactics and not size.”

RFCP Reporter, Da Best

Erat ipso sacra.

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The Plot Thickens! FEDDIEGATE Continues

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As more clues come in, RFCP soldiers solve some mysteries, and keep scratching their heads at others. But one lead may result in discovering the identity of the secret robotic voice…

The Feddiegate Part 2 mystery left off yesterday with a second robotic message.

“Do you have the number ready? You will need it.”

Investigative reporter Da Best details the new developments in his second case-file installment. Again, make sure to click to enlarge.

Screenshot from the scavenger hunt post

Our investigators spent quite some time deliberating on the clue embedded in the binary. Who is 21? Some thought it was Redovyco, because of a message he sent saying, “I’m 21.” But that was last year, retorted others.

Other theories rose and fell. It was clear the team needed another hint. A third robotic voice message was released at 10:48 p.m. on August 4:

It said:

“It looks like you need another hint. I don’t have much time. 21 is the number you seek. Ask Lieutenant Randomplayer what he is waiting on.”

After further debate, the majority consensus agreed that the answer must be Billy Bot Thorton. Lt. Randomplayer is waiting on a Billy Bot Thorton pillow he ordered with his Bumble Bucks, and Billy’s item ID number in the store is 21.

Then, Prior Bumble posted in #news at 4:11 p.m. EST. “Who ordered a fruit basket?”

The basket had another encoded message with tiny, repeated text making up the image.

“So? Have you determined who 21 is? If so, schedule an interrogation of him in #event-alerts and I will meet you there.”

Interrogate Billy Bot Thorton on Ukahala cpps?! Some had doubts, because, they argued, Billy is a bot who cannot talk. But the last clue did say, “We didn’t know he’s alive.” Maybe Billy…can!

And so the team agreed to schedule an interrogation at 6:30 p.m. EST on Thursday August 6th. If their mystery informant shows up as promised, they’ll know they were right and can receive the next instruction. If no one shows up, well….

Tune in here at the blog for the next installment of

Troop Interviews! Spooky and Dab0n

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter Da Best teams up with Reporter-in-Training Pink Cloud to introduce their own troop interview series!

Hello troops of RFCP, 

Today we bring you a special treat. Reporter-in-Training Pink Cloud and Reporter Da Best have agreed to work together in this project.

What is the project about?

The project is by Da Best and Pink_Cloud_8. Every week, we will be picking two people to be interviewed, and the questions will rotate.  

How to get into one of these?

We will be choosing the people at random!

#1 – Interview with S̶̳̄p̵̅͛ơ̸̍ȍ̴͗k̶͒̚y̴̓͝

Q. How did you find RFCP?

A. I merged from ST.

Q. How long have you been in RFCP?

A. I have been here for 5 months.

Q. What do you like the most about RFCP?

A. I like the community, they are so welcoming and kind.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how RFCP can improve?

A. I don’t know anything that can be better with RFCP.

Q. How is your experience with RFCP?

A.  My experience with RFCP has been nothing short of amazing. I started out as a simple ice agent and now I’m a brigadier! And I don’t think I could’ve gone this far if it weren’t for the community!

#2 – Interview with Dab0n

Q. How did you find RFCP?

A. One day I was dead ass bored. I was scrolling through my favs page and I thought “Oh yeah! CPR!” So I went on it and I was like “Oh yeah! The EPF! Let’s go there!” And I found the RFCP recruiting.

Q. How long have you been in RFCP?

A. February 1st is when I arrived.

Q. What do you like the most about rfcp?

A. I love every part about RFCP, I honestly couldn’t ask for more, out policy is the best and RFCP is the least toxic community I have ever known.

Q. How is your experience with RFCP?

A. Beyond explainable, it is fucking awesome.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how RFCP can improve?

A. Not really.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this new post. If you have any questions you want to add to the series, DM Da Best#6362 or Pink_Cloud_8#9406.

Da Best 




FEDDIEGATE STRIKES AGAIN! Awards Mysteriously Canceled; Conspiracy Takes Over RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The army’s prestigious semiannual award show was CANCELED without explanation on August 2, and mysterious messages began filling the server.

Last January’s infamous Feddiegate scandal was the talk of the server for weeks. Now, it seems the curse of conspiracy has struck the esteemed event once more. As the army buzzed in excitement for the summer 2020 Feddies, unknown forces were at work. The awards were canceled only three hours before showtime, with NO explanation from the officers.

Then, an unprecedented robotic voice message was posted in #news.

With cryptic clues flooding in, the soldiers rallied behind an investigative reporter, Da Best, to find out what happened. Da Best has compiled daily updates to the mystery. Be sure to click to enlarge the case files.

Day 1

Sergeant Don Huachimingo, who renamed himself Detective Huachimingo for the occasion, also compiled a list of theories:

Later, TWO MORE detectives, brand new users, joined the server to tackle the case. But which one is on the right side??

Finally, on July 28, 2020, the soldiers had absolutely freaked out when Commander Prior popped into main chat totally unannounced, dropped this meme, and left:

And so, when Prior did it again in the #feddies channel, paranoia arose over Meep.

Major MicroHam even researched aliases for “meep,” and the results suspiciously suggested Prior Bumble.

So much evidence, so many questions, so much to uncover. In summary:

+ The Feddies were suddenly postponed without an explanation

+ Mysterious messages flooding in

+ Two RFCP Legend nominees go missing

+ Unidentified detectives entering the server.

What is happening? Or, more importantly, what will happen next?

Tune in tomorrow for Reporter Da Best’s Day 2 case files to continue the story…

Let us know your predictions in the comments!


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New Air Force Changes: Logistics of the EU

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter Da Best chronicles the new Air Force changes ushered in by Brigadier Dab0n and Red Baron Opino3 following the Navy’s similar success.

Hello, troops of RFCP and especially the Air Force division!

We here at the blog have heard that the Air Force is changing up their ways. These new policies were implemented so more EU people can come to events, and so the the army’s heavily USA-timed events are not always in the middle of the night for our soldiers on the east side of the Atlantic. This post will go over all the changes to Air Force, including an interview with Red Baron Opino3 and Brigadier Dab0n.

New Events:

The community in the Air Force will be coming together to plan new events that everyone from the EU division can participate in.  The events will run mainly on CPR, and everyone who comes to the events will get a promotion in the Air Force’s new rank system, as well as $20 BB per event. The events will mainly be practice battles or fun tournaments.  There will also be practice battles/wars between the other two off-U.S. divisions, the Navy and the Marines, to test which division is strongest.

New Air Force Ranks:

The new promotion system for the Air Force includes seven earn-able ranks embedded into RFCP’s primary rank system.

“You may notice similarities to the new Navy ranking system Admiral Pyxel pioneered earlier this summer,” said Commander Prior. “With the Navy’s booming success (it is everyone’s favorite time of day when the joyful and enthusiastic Navy soldiers wake up at around 11:00 p.m. EST), one has to wonder if the Air Force wasn’t inspired to follow suit.”

Air Force promotions will be calculated how active you are. If you are inactive, you will be the lowest rank, Janitor; if you are active, then you will ascend the division’s Pilot and Squadron ranks. To be promoted like this, you will need to stand out to the officers and leaders of the Air Force. Ways to do this can be to: talk in chat, be active in the server, or come to events. When you come to Air Force-exclusive events, you will have the chance to get an early promotion to a higher rank, but you will need to still be active overall.  The last way to get a rank-up is to promote the army by acquiring new recruits to join RFCP. This can be done by recruiting on cpps’es and by recruiting on Discord. For more information on this, DM the Recruitment Coalition heads, Col. Sillabye#6666 and Maj. Anilia#7554.

Chart of the various privileges Air Force soldiers enjoy as they climb the EU ranks.

Interview Section:

Reporter Da Best had an interview with Red Baron Opino3, who is head of the Air Force.

DB:  What makes these new logistics better than the old ones?

Opino: The Air Force has lacked a working system to incentivise activity for a long time. The hangars lie silent and runways empty, where once great men piloted mighty planes. The new logistics will lay grounds for future expansion, which previously would’ve been impossible.

DB:  How long do you think these new logistics will be in place?

Opino: The system is meant to be self-sufficient, meaning that even if the head of the Air Force ever goes missing, it will continue to produce quality troops until the end of times.

DB:  Will you be encouraging this idea to any other division in rfcp?

Opino: I would love to see other divisions implement the format. It will keep them growing and keep the trash memes away.

Da Best also had a chat with the designer of this idea, DabOn.

DB:  What made you create a new system?

Dab0n: I want to get our activity up again and make Air Force the great division it used to be.

DB:  What inspired you?

Dab0n: The Navy has a great system, and I saw their activity go up, so credit to Admr. Pyxel.

DB:  Would you recommend this system to any other division?

Dab0n: I think me and Silla nearly implemented ranks into RC, but I resigned shortly after that because I had too much going on in my life. But yes, I would, and this system is completely up for grabs!

With a new system in place for RFCP’s EU, do you think that they will be able to defeat all the other divisions and be the major division it once was? Will Air Force be nice and give it to the other divisions?

Tell us what YOU think in the comments!



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