FEDDIEGATE STRIKES AGAIN! Awards Mysteriously Canceled; Conspiracy Takes Over RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The army’s prestigious semiannual award show was CANCELED without explanation on August 2, and mysterious messages began filling the server.

Last January’s infamous Feddiegate scandal was the talk of the server for weeks. Now, it seems the curse of conspiracy has struck the esteemed event once more. As the army buzzed in excitement for the summer 2020 Feddies, unknown forces were at work. The awards were canceled only three hours before showtime, with NO explanation from the officers.

Then, an unprecedented robotic voice message was posted in #news.

With cryptic clues flooding in, the soldiers rallied behind an investigative reporter, Da Best, to find out what happened. Da Best has compiled daily updates to the mystery. Be sure to click to enlarge the case files.

Day 1

Sergeant Don Huachimingo, who renamed himself Detective Huachimingo for the occasion, also compiled a list of theories:

Later, TWO MORE detectives, brand new users, joined the server to tackle the case. But which one is on the right side??

Finally, on July 28, 2020, the soldiers had absolutely freaked out when Commander Prior popped into main chat totally unannounced, dropped this meme, and left:

And so, when Prior did it again in the #feddies channel, paranoia arose over Meep.

Major MicroHam even researched aliases for “meep,” and the results suspiciously suggested Prior Bumble.

So much evidence, so many questions, so much to uncover. In summary:

+ The Feddies were suddenly postponed without an explanation

+ Mysterious messages flooding in

+ Two RFCP Legend nominees go missing

+ Unidentified detectives entering the server.

What is happening? Or, more importantly, what will happen next?

Tune in tomorrow for Reporter Da Best’s Day 2 case files to continue the story…

Let us know your predictions in the comments!

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