The Treaty of Soap

New horizons rise for RFCP. A historic treaty was met on Sunday, June 16, 2019, between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the Mopia. In this treaty, RFCP agreed to cease and desist infiltration of the Mopia, and in return, Mopia has agreed to:

  1. Stay off the iceberg on Blizzard server
  2. Never invade a server controlled by RFCP

The agreement is a monumental success for the RFCP, and we are glad to seek peace over conflict. The Mopia representative, Sage, has the respect of Prior and the entire army for calling the summit himself and seeking harmony. The treaty is perpetual and known as The Treaty of Soap.

Before this treaty was signed, RFCP battled Mopia on the Blizzard iceberg and found an ally in Moose Gang. Two Moosers joined arms with RFCP, and later decided to join us! We welcome them. Our numbers continue to grow.

Unfortunately, Prior and Lieutenant Nel were gravely wounded in the battle. Still, she selflessly took over command while Prior was incapacitated. Her strength is honored. Recovery was slow, but complete.

Soldiers gather at the bedside of Prior

Lastly, RFCP prepares for an enormous invasion tonight of Beanie server at 11 p.m. EST. After days of negotiation, the Prince, Roman, and his knights have agreed to don RFCP uniform and aid in the assault.

An uninvited Prior finds Lee at the beach and sits next to him. Lee, steward of the Prince, and Prior then gaze into the ocean and discuss their potential alliance.

We waddle to victory.

— PB

News, and Big Events Upcoming

Much of note in RFCP is classified information at this time. What can be stated is that monumental events are in strategy right now with RFCP officers that will get the army on the map.

White House, in purple, is our territory. We plan on seeing much more purple soon…

According to, RFCP has been assigned the server called White House on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, and as far as I understand is our territory unless defense is needed.

We expect to be flying this awesome victory flag Colonel Boi created frequently in the near future, and the flag will be featured on every post that contains a major victory.

Yesterday saw little action, but much development. RFCP now has its own hospital in addition to its laboratory. The hospital is located at Lieutenant Sha’s igloo and can be seen below complete with gurneys and IVs, as well as a spare command room.

In Blizzard, Mopia seems to respect the boundary of the iceberg. Another”gang” has popped up, Moose Gang, but upon conversation with Prior, the gang seemed cooperative to RFCP demands.

RFCP uniform has been updated and has become more homogeneous to make it more easily enforceable. Please see the uniform tab. Our official colors are BLACK AND PURPLE.

The tentatively alliance between SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security and RFCP has been peacefully absolved.

All for now.


Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

RFCP has finally made it into the big leagues, as its leader, Prior Bumble, has impersonators. Just like we saw how Perapin attracted an impersonator named Berapin, Prior now has nuisances that go by “prior sumble” and “prior mumble.” He notes how they lazily didn’t bother to capitalize…

The imposters feigned a desire to negotiate. Prior Bumble replied, “I do not negotiate with terrorists.”

Earlier, RFCP, in keeping with its agreement to RomanPrincey, defended the Cove from mafia presence. The battle was successful; RFCP’s volley of snowballs drove out mafia lord, Moto. Dr. Tripple and Dr. Red treated patients afterwards in the ever-upgrading laboratory.

In other news, RFCP grows! We have added three members to the discord just today, and we welcome them, namely Android King, Zane, and heyyyitslex. They have the makings of great soldiers in them. This blog also has tripled in traffic in the past 24 hours. We are on the rise.

The Great Schism

Today a great schism arose in RFCP. SgtSpoon (the former second-in-command), Thurman45, and Blonde_icon mutinied and became separatists, with Spoon claiming to be the new Prior. Brave RFCP loyalists such as Nellie Ruby, DatBoiRiven, doctors Tripple and Red, Crazy, and Ping and Peng held the army together. An emotional battle was fought at the iceberg. Prior Bumble took the high ground and fired snowballs at the invading separatists. Between throws, he was heard saying, “You broke my heart, Spoon.”

The separatists continued to harass the RFCP inside the command room, to the point where it needed to be evacuated. Pushed to no other choice, Prior called a meeting with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security to negotiate aid in securing the command room once more.

The loyalists watch as Prior engages in a ten minute negotiation with Swag to secure assistance. After an intensely diplomatic dialogue, an agreement was made. Dr. Redovyco addressed Prior when Swag left. “Sir,” he said, “that negotiation was inspired.”

A new second in command and colonel was named: DatBoiRiven.

Prior is relieved as well to see the laboratory of Doctors Tripple and Red prepared for research, and ready to receive the wounded in the dark days to come.

The dedicated RFCP doctors in the lab

Latest Events and Server Wars

First, a few notes from yesterday. RFCP met and defeated a vagabond monarch named RomanPrincey at the iceberg after the Prince and his followers refused to honor the sanctity of the burg and spit in Prior’s face (I got it all off, it’s cool). RomanPrincey fake surrendered, then bolted off. RFCP chased him down. Prior caught him in the boiler room, and negotiated an agreement:

Roman Princey and his followers will stay off the iceberg and lend aid in RFCP battles

RFCP will defend the cove for the Prince in return.

RFCP surrounds The Prince

Mopia was not engaged with.

A second mysterious package, possibly from the King, arrived in the command room.

Dr. Tripple and Dr. Red created a laboratory in their igloos complete with an infirmary for the wounded after battles.

Later in the night, Prior met with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security in his igloo. SWAG remains an ally, but is to be carefully watched. He knew about RFCP plans almost minutes after they were made. How?

Agent P guards Prior as he plays the piano at the meeting, backed turned to SWAG.

Recruitment to RFCP remains a top priority. RFCP also plans to expand to more servers to collect resources.

Onto the Server Wars. RFCP has officially registered and signed up with and joined their server wars. RFCP and other armies will be assigned a server randomly to defend. We will be able to invade other servers as well. This is good to get us on the radar of armies and to form relationships with other organizations.

In’s Top Ten List of Armies, Mopia is #3. Unacceptable.

Battle of the Berg

Yesterday the RFCP met Mopia at the iceberg to commence Day 1 of Battle of the Berg. Throughout CP army history, the iceberg has been critical battlefield for armies to claim dominance. Mopia had been given several warnings not to invade the berg. They refused cooperation. RFCP began strongly with taking of the higher ground and a battle speech from Prior. The battle then commenced with a firing squad commanded by Col. Spoon, and followed with a charge led by Prior at Mopia. Mopia dispersed. Many of RFCP soldiers were injured and retreated to Commander’s igloo to be given medical attention. Nonetheless, Mopia returned to the berg, and RFCP struggled to maintain control and were quickly outnumbered. Reports were that after Mopia left, they disbanded. It is unclear whether this is true, or whether, if true, this is a direct consequence of the heroic actions of the RFCP. The campaign is expected to continue.

Notable events following the battle:

Dr. Tripple and Ping, R.N., received gold stars for their tireless medical treatment

Karmic was promoted to Lieutenant

Thurman was promoted to Ice Agent

Lt. Nellie succeeded in an undercover mission to lure Mopia to the berg.

Mopia being warned at RFCP headquarters
Firing squad at the high ground
RFCP surrounding Mopia after a successful charge

Discord Chat

Soldiers, please join our RFCP discord chat:

Thanks to Col. Spoon for creating it. See you at the Battle of the Berg tonight.

-Prior Bumble

Welcome to the RFCP!

The army is praying for everyone affected by COVID-19. / Soldiers! Remember to practice Internet safety. / RFCP was founded June 5, 2019. / The Constitution of the RFCP is over 3,000 words long. / “Erat ipso sacra!” means “Hold the sacred ground!” in Penguin Latin. / Club Penguin armies have been a subculture of Club Penguin since 2006. / Northern Lights is the longstanding capital of the RFCP. / Prior Bumble has personally spoken to Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe. / RFCP’S first war was called the War of Smoke and Sour. We won! / There are currently nine officers serving in the army’s hicom (high-command). / The record for returning to armies after the longest absence is held by Prior Bumble, who returned after ten years. / RFCP wishes its closest allied leader, Cena, a joyful retirement. / The first documented armed conflict in Club Penguin history was known as the Color Wars. / Legend holds that Prior Bumble is a descendant of the Grey Polar Bears of Int’ai’uto. / RFCP’s current max record at a single event is 47 soldiers. / April 25 of each year is World Penguin Day. / Battles in original army conflict did not use tactics or formations, only size and snowballs. / In 2008, Prior Bumble served in the PRA as second-in-command. It was here that he fought alongside CollinZfresh and Oagalthorp (the founder of all armies).


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