Another Milestone! 100th Ukahala Account Made!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–It’s the season of hundreds! Now, RFCP celebrates the ONE HUNDRETH Ukahala account created!

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)’s very own private CPPS, Ukahala, is exclusive to only enlisted soldiers and a few select guests. But yesterday, October 3, marked a huge milestone!

Ground Beef (Agent firestorm4879p) became the 100th account ever made.

Commander Prior Bumble has been quoted as saying, “We are an army of recordkeepers.” Indeed, documentation on the army’s iconic CPPS is no different. The Commander keeps a diligent ledger of every account in existence on Ukahala. That’s why we’re able to say we’ve reached…

“It’s possible the number is slightly off,” admitted the Commander, “as accounts have been destroyed by myself for security reasons, and others I may have forgotten to add to the list. But this is what my record says, and that’s what we’ll be recognizing.”

The 100th Ukahala account coincides beautifully with the recent announcement of RFCP reaching 100 enlisted soldiers. It is yet another indication of the upward trends the army in enjoying under Cmdr. Prior Bumble’s return.

Speaking of upward trends, Ukahala itself has not too long ago received an upgrade. It converted to 100% renewable energy, but also transferred over to an extremely powerful new generation of hosting servers.

Check out this bad boy!

You are looking at Ukahala!

Let us continue to be grateful for our wonderful home. It is a blessing to us all.

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