Your RFCP Questions Answered! PART 2

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The most random, pressing, and head-scratching questions about RFCP canon answered! PART 2!

It’s back! Another edition of the series “Your RFCP Questions Answered!” delivers even MORE obscure questions and answers about the complex lore and traditions of our army. All quotes provided by the Commander. Here we go!

  1. Why is there an Enlisted badge? And why do some people have the Enlisted badge but don’t have a rank badge, not even Agent?

This is an excellent question with a straightforward answer! Back when RFCP was in its pre-CPA roleplaying era, all sorts reported to the EPF room to take my orders. Some were soldiers like you. But others were scientists and doctors. I bestowed upon them the same Enlisted badge all of you wear under your rank badge. I did this to confirm them as fully enlisted members of our army, but I refrained from giving them a rank badge so to indicate that they serve in scientific rather than combat roles. Nowadays, we rarely have enlisted members who don’t also have a rank badge. The only two enlisted members who wear the solo badge today are in fact the very same two original scientists/doctors who served me in the roleplaying days: Dr. Redovyco, who is still in loving contact with me, and Dr. Triple, who has not been heard from since 2019, because he never made it from Club Penguin to our RFCP Discord in those early days. We have never discharged him from enlistment because he has always remained a friend. He’s just one of the handful of good RFCP who were lost in the transition from Club Penguin Rewritten to Discord…

2. Why is our first rank called “Agent” and not “Private” like most Club Penguin Armies?

The answer to this can also be found by looking back to our pre-CPA era. We began as EPF role-players, carrying out covert operations on Club Penguin at my command. Calling our first rank “Agent” and not “Private” is homage to our origins. Indeed, our name is the RECON Federation! “Agent” is also what I called people in-game during pre-CPA. In fact, the four ranks which existed pre-CPA were Agent, Ice Agent, Lieutenant, and Colonel. Promotions would be given in-game. We never had Privates.

3. What do the flag colors represent?

Good question–and one many people actually don’t know!

Purple is the easiest: It represents Prior Bumble.

Black represents the soldiers–it was chosen to have a powerful and strong contrast against the purple.

Purple is, you may notice, above black.

Now here’s the kicker: The color inside the triangle is NOT red, contrary to popular belief! The color inside the triangle is brown (albeit, a burnt sienna type brown). This color represents the color our first CPA league, CPATG (otherwise known as “Greeny’s league”), assigned to us. We had signed up for their opening server giveaway and were assigned White House. Originally, the color assigned to us was purple, but as more armies joined the league, they changed our color to brown.

There’s the proof!

Finally, many people overlook the fourth color of our flag: Grey. The letters of our name, RFCP, are grey. This represents many things…but the two most prominent, perhaps, are smoke (as from our first war) and the Great Grey Bears. When I chose that gunmetal grey for the letters, the war had not even happened, and the cosmology of the Grey Bears had not been fleshed out. But something innate must have prompted me to choose it. After all, I could have just allowed the letters to be black…

Something urged me to include grey.

Three more fascinating questions finally put to bed! Do YOU have other questions about “Why do we do things that way?” or “Where did that come from?” Let us know and it could be featured next time!

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