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Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 4, Issue 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— The RFCP Times-Dispatch returns with a new volume in our Sunday blog series. Read on to catch up on all the action!

Weekly Recap

Sunday--A few soldiers of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) attended an Air Force hosted movie night. We rocked out with the 2003 classic film,  School of Rock.

Monday-Gen. Tumbling hosted a Labor Day puzzle event. Soldiers were given a link to a Labor Day themed puzzle and competed to get the fastest time.

While everyone fought to get the fastest puzzle times, several medals and promotions were given out in our #news channel:

  • Aphro was promoted to corporal.
  • Gen. Tumbling was presented with the Medal of the Watch.
  • Maj. Chocolateyness was given the Medal of Specter for his work in our Ghost division.
  • Ice Agent Leaf was awarded the Medal of Decency.
  • Gen. Wolfy was awarded the Medal of Initiative.

Tuesday--Commissar Hamsterlover hosted a Study Session. 5 soldiers set their study goals and relaxed to some Pokémon music (selected by Ham) while they met their objectives. 

Some of the study goals included:

Wednesday-Maj. DJChoruskid hosted a hide and seek event! Max 5.

Later that evening, everyone gathered in to Coolj’s Casino for Bingo. Four players participated.

Friday–Commander Prior Bumble made an extremely special announcement in our #news channel. The Recon Hockey League (RHL) officially reopened for a new season! Players flocked to the RHL server to pick their teams and go over basic rules and strategy for the game. More on this in an exclusive upcoming blog post!

Saturday–Following Friday’s announcement, the RHL Sharks and Tigers officially faced off in their first ever game of the season! Again, there is a blog in the works, so we won’t say much about it, but will say that it was an extremely interesting game. Max 11!

Sunday- Sunday evening, the RFCP held their first ever Marines Spanish Skribbl game! All words were in Spanish, such as comandante (commander) and autopista (freeway).The event maxed 9, and it was a *insert Spanish word for fantastic* time!

Soldier of the Week

Congratulations to LEAF for being this week’s Soldier of the Week! He is truly an inspiration to all of us in kindness and awesomeness.

This Week in RFCP History

  • September 6, 2020–RFCP held a practice battle with the Templars of Club Penguin (TCP) as part of the Brotherhood of the Banned pact. The battle was raided by RPF, but we held strong against both armies.
  • September 7, 2020–The Tamales 1ics signed a treaty formalizing Tamales as a colony of the RFCP.
  • September 6, 2021–The RFCP Times-Dispatch tried a new monthly format for Sunday Fun-Day! Obviously, we much preferred the weekly editions, as we have transitioned back to them. 


Prior BumbleFun and dangerous risk-taker who loves long walks on the beach and red wine seeks sassy, adventurous mate to BOOST THE SERVER, DAMMIT!.


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What do YOU think about the new season of RHL? Are you team Sharks or team Tigers? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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