Prior! Why Do You Make Me Do Things?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–In this From the Desk of the Commander post, Prior Bumble addresses why there is “mandatory” anything in the army, as the army works through today’s mandatory recruitment. Fun surprise at the end!

Soldiers of RFCP,

I regret that I was unable to post a From the Desk of the Commander post last Thursday due to my bout with COVID-19. Rest assured, as I hope you’d expect, I kicked its ass.

Today is perhaps not the most fun day in RFCP for you. Recruitment is hard, and many soldiers feel aversion to it. I get that. We are asking everyone to contribute just 30 minutes so that we can ensure the survival of our army for many generations into the future.

Even if you feel like recruitment is not your forte, that’s okay! The truth is that each of us have unique strengths we contribute to RFCP. Each skillset is different, but when combined with others balances the army and gives us incredible prowess. I have taken the liberty of breaking down these skill orientations for you to match yourself with. Which contribution category is YOUR orientation?

Chat and Attendance Activity–Keeping the server active, so that it looks and feels like a vibrant, welcoming place people want to be in. Dedicating time to being there talking. Building positive friendships and providing emotional support to members. Attending events.

Recordkeeping–Maintaining the critical recordkeeping of the army: banking, logging RFCP-U credits, keeping track of enlistments.

Foreign Strength–Understanding CPA history and politics, knowing the enemies and allies, exercising strong foreign affairs with strategy and dominance. Competence on the battlefield.

Visionary–Coming up with exciting new ideas and plans for the army. Creating awesome new policies, awards, merchandise, enactments, and campaigns which keep soldiers always interested in the next phase of RFCP.

Discord Server Maintenance–Updating roles and emojis, keeping channels neat and clear of old information/pins, enforcing security measures, moderating.

Enforcer–Ensuring calendar events are attended and hosted. Enforcing (and thus knowing) the policies and orders of the Commander, the Constitution, and various rules and procedures. Providing consistency and stability therein.

Media Generator–Generating quality graphics, art, and social media content to advance the health of our army through excellent output.

Technology–Developing critical technology for the army (such as cpps’es and bots), streaming, and helping provide tech solutions. Assisting Cmdr. Prior in his tech deficiency :hehe:

As Commander, I need to do ALL of these. But my strongest orientations are Foreign Strength and Visionary.

Not recruitment!

Yes, even I find recruiting challenging. The reason why it is mandatory today is not because I want recruiting to become your new orientation. It’s because it is not really ANYONE’s orientation! (That’s why I didn’t put it as a category). Therefore, it is not fair to allow everyone to say it’s “not their thing” and have it fall on someone else. Recruiting is essential to our survival and is thus something that everyone needs to pitch in and do. If we want to enjoy RFCP for many years to come, we can’t do it without growing and bringing in new people to help us run this wonderful community.

RFCP is all-volunteer at this point (we’ve looked into making it a real company!), so I can only make something “mandatory” in the sense that I set a consequence for if it is not done (such as the Bumble Buck freeze consequence at stake now). That still doesn’t make it impossible for you to ignore the order.

The thing is….you shouldn’t want to ignore it. Mandatory events are always in the best interest of the army: I am careful about how often I make something mandatory, and for what purpose, to ensure that this statement is true. At the end of the day, you want me here to make things mandatory. That’s what your Commander is for!

We can reach our mandatory goal today of 10 participating recruiters. Let’s focus on the positives–imagine how amazing it would be to have “Several people are typing…” constantly in chat, or how great a max 20 training would look like, or even how nice it would be to make one new friend, maybe someone who really needed to be surrounded by loving people like we can provide.

I love you–and that’s not mandatory. It’s just what I choose daily.

Oh…and one more thing. The promised fun surprise!

I made this little orientation quiz for you!

Results may vary, and it’s not totally accurate…but it’s a fun way to test out what your style here in the army is!

My result:

Post your results below in the comments!

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