Lift Off! RFCP Gets First Red Baron in Over Two Years

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–With a promotion that shocked the army, Commander Prior Bumble appointed a new Red Baron, otherwise known as the RFCP’s Air Force (EU) division head. Exclusive interview enclosed.

Since well before Commander Prior Bumble‘s return to the army, two prominent ranks had been vacant. Not since ex-Admiral Pyxel and ex-Red Baron Jamie have the prestigious 3ic ranks of the global division heads been held. The last officer portrait did not feature the traditional seating arrangement of Admiral to the Commander’s screen left and Red Baron to the Commander’s screen right. It was all Generals beside him.

That’s about to change.

On September 12, 2022, Cmdr. Prior made a sudden announcement in #news.

The reactions were immediate.

Red Baron Exsavitator (also known as Exsalt and Salad) became the third Air Force division head in Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) history.

The move came as somehow both a surprise and an inevitability. On one hand, Cmdr. Prior had made no teasing “announcement at :00” remark, nor had he indicated in his blogs or phase outlines that such a promotion would soon be happening. After all, Exsavitator was only a Major–and this sudden appointment had him entirely skip the ranks of Field Marshal (5ic, the first officer rank) and Colonel (4ic). One the other hand, it was impossible to overlook the unprecedented (and, perhaps more importantly, consistent) labor Exsavitator has been putting into the army as a European. He and Prior alone have recruited daily for almost three weeks. When an Air Force event needs to be hosted or attended, everyone looks to Exsavitator. To many, he is the Air Force.

The timing was, of course, sentimental. The day of his promotion was also his birthday.

Red Baron Exsavitator is RFCP’s first Dutch Red Baron. He follows Opino3 (Swedish) and Jamie (British) in succession. Jamie was the first Red Baron to pioneer non-Club Penguin gaming events for RFCP during its isolationism period, and Opino3 pioneered just about everything else. Unfortunately, both of the army’s Red Barons defiled their legacies by falling out in dishonorable fashion (there are, in fact, no former Red Barons or Admirals in good standing). Yet both were giants of their time here–with Opino3 particularly paving a huge path for the division. In this way, Exsavitator has both enormous triumphs to embody…and enormous mistakes to learn from.

That doesn’t seem to shake Cmdr. Prior’s resolve, however, that Exsavitator will live up to those predecessors.

“Red Baron Exsavitator will eclipse them both,” the Commander said with confident brevity.

The new Red Baron also carries the pressure of serving one of the RFCP’s largest divisions, second to only that of the default division: the main army. In times of war, all EU battles absent of Prior will look to Exsavitator alone. For such battles, no General can stand in the place of a Red Baron. His role now is more militant than he’d ever faced as a Major.

Despite all of the responsibilities now under his wing (pun intended), Exsavitator expressed elation at his new position. Soon, he will log onto Ukahala and don the historic uniform of the Red Baron, which is the officer’s uniform plus the Pilot Cap, !ai 1073.

Read on for Exsavitator’s thoughts on these events, revealed here for the first time.

Q: So, honestly. How does it feel?

A: tbh, it feels amazing! besides my name being in my favorite color, which is basically anything remotely red, I feel like I can do so many new things. It’s like going backstage at your favorite band’s concert.

Q: Backstage as in you suddenly have access to all the hicom channels? What goes on in there? Are there altars of Prior Bumble’s hat? Dart boards with certain undesirable figures’ faces on it? Give us the dirt.

A: yes, backstage as in having access to all the hicom channels. The hicom channels are basically a mini-version of the RFCP server, but with only the most important channels. So far it seems like #saco, but it’s more centered around tackling issues that people running servers know all too well. so yea, I have access to so much new stuff that I haven’t found the altars or the dart boards yet. I will try to buy one of those altars if I find one though.

Q: You’ve said before that the rank of Red Baron almost felt like an unobtainable myth in RFCP. What gave it such a fabled reputation for you?

A: I’ve heard lots of amazing things about previous red barons. Like how Opino created airforce and managed to get the division to consistently max 8-10. He even got himself on the 1000 BB bill. Basically a legend or a myth your grandparents would tell stories about. Besides that I used to see recruiting and raising recruit retention as a frustrating chore. These high expectations and roadblocks made becoming Red Baron seem impossible.

Q: Now that you’ve obtained the seemingly unobtainable, what are your plans for the Air Force? Brigadier Dab0n presented some interesting ideas several weeks ago. How much of that are you keeping, and what entirely NEW things will you be making your own legacy from?

A: I’ve put much thought into this and ended up with a plan that deviates from DabOn’s original plans. I will recruit almost daily and from those recruits I will focus more on promising looking recruits. These select few will serve as the air force staff team. Together with them I will pump out many airforce events (which include a ton of practice battles), recruit an average of 3+ people a day and focus on user retention. My goal is for airforce to be on equal footing with the main army in military prowess.

Q: Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. We are so excited to see it unfold. Any other message for the army or your division?

A: Watch out navy and marines. Air force will leave you in the dust if yall don’t start acting soon.

RFCP rejoices in having a Red Baron again–it is a rank which comes with not only international prowess and stability but cultural uplifting. The blog wishes Exsavitator well in his new job.

What do YOU think of the new Red Baron? Were YOU shocked? Let us know in the comments!

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