BREAKING! Tamales Colonizes Under RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Against all odds, Tamales and RFCP leaders come together to strike a partnership of colonization under the Recon Federation.

On September 7, 2020, newly-named Tamales 1ics Proditor (“Yep, it is David”) and Slick89( n’ 57r4n63) signed a treaty formalizing Tamales as a colony of the RFCP.

This shocking agreement, following a violent history of RFCP and Tamales-predecessor, PIC, comes after Emma and Sidie9 stepped down as leader. Proditor and Prior Bumble have preserved a warm friendship through every storm of their opposite allegiances, and so when Proditor took command, he approached Prior Bumble for this arrangement first.

Tamales 1ic is called “El Capitan”

The contract signed above is a copy of the same proposal Prior Bumble presented to Tamales within days of their opening a few weeks ago. Wounds of the past had been licked, and it seemed a path to friendship was possible. While Proditor and Rowan Alden (then-2ic) supported it at the time, other Tamales hicom pushed back and the offer was withdrawn. That is why Commander Prior raised an eyebrow when Proditor returned to message him yesterday that Tamales would now like to accept.

After the ink had dried, El Capitan Slick made an announcement in Tamales Discord, and Prior Bumble joined to tip his hat. That’s when things got a little rocky. Bryce, a former leader, protested the colonization and tried to nullify it. But Tamales 1ic stood by their word and enforced the agreement.

“It’s not at all my desire to cause stress on Tamales; the opposite in fact,” said Prior. “Bryce slammed my DMs with foul language and seemed to be taking out his anger at his 1ics on me, a foreign leader. Bryce is not a 1ic anymore. One of my Generals hopping into CSY’s DMs wouldn’t nullify a contract I made with ACP, and I’m glad that Tamales upheld their word and stuck to the same standard. That was brave.”

Prior also commented that, because he understood Bryce and a few others were upset, he agreed to reduce the colonization from 14 days to 10.

“I hope that makes things a little better. I think this will be great for all of us.”

This colonization is the crown jewel on a week of colonial enterprises entered into by the RFCP.

Fish Heads of CP Colonial Flag
Janitors of CP Colonial Flag

The Fish Heads of CP agreed to an identical colonization contract on August 27th, and the Janitors of CP did the same on the same date.

Ibrahim of Fish Heads
Da Best and Megatron of Janitors

At the Janitors and Fish Heads servers, Prior Bumble appointed a colonial governor to each, tasked with increasing activity for the smaller armies and enforcing terms. General Shallissa was appointed Governor of the Janitors, and Commissar Coolj, M.M., M.V., was appointed Governor of the Fish Heads.

The Janitors have since merged with RFCP yesterday due to leader inactivity; their hicom all being offered the rank of Lieutenant.

“We are an empire, by definition,” said Commander Prior, “but the cooler part is expanding our family. Our first colonists, the Duck Knight Army, called me Uncle Prior. I missed that. I welcome all colonists to the RFCP clan!”

May these relationships bring success to all.

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