Brotherhood of the Banned

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reports on a historic new friendship.

After almost a year of tumultuous relations, RFCP soldiers were alarmed to see the announcement of a practice battle with “our allies,” the Templars.

Templars (TCP), led by Xing, and RFCP bonded over being banned together in the same CPAH “vote. ” Both armies sympathized with one another on the unfairness and persecution they feel is shared by them. This, combined with positive changes to TCP hicom (including goodwill gestures from Xing and Freedomist, as well as the influence of the extremely kind-mannered Otter), resulted in a strong fellowship.

On 11 August, RFCP and TCP formalized the alliance with a groupchat called “Brotherhood of the Banned” and a document entitled the Pact of the Dragon.

The treaty, uniquely, lacks a military emphasis. It is instead focused on verbal support and advocacy for another.

In the past, Xing has targeted Prior Bumble with derogatory remarks, and many recall the TCP-RFCP battle as recently as earlier this summer, where the Templars were so toxic towards RFCP that the judges disqualified them. It is therefore understandable that the soldier body of RFCP hesitated to accept hicom’s word that new leafs were turning.

However, as weeks passed, the Templars proved good on their pledge. Templar hicom have been kind visitors to RFCP server, and expressed solidarity with RFCP at their first practice battle since the ban, where RFCP maxed 16.

Room 1. Both armies jest about their mutual ban.
Room 2. TCP enthusiastic about the Pact of the Dragon.
Room 3. More unity displays.

Since, Xing has worked more closely with Commander Prior on matters of foreign analysis; and even of Templar internal affairs. One could say the two leaders–historically foes, and only uneasy partners in the Gridline Wars–have authentically, humanly, become friends.

Prior refers to offensive attacks in the censored sentence.

The fondness extended as well to the server. Prior dropped some boosts, and TCP dropped some love.

The two armies practice-battled twice more since. Off the field, each army have even gone after each other’s hicom when both RFCP and TCP experienced dispute among important members. No, not to prey off disgruntled officers to funnel into their own armies–but to convince them to return home.

“This doesn’t feel like begrudging cooperation,” said Commander Prior, “this feels lifelong.”

Today, IW crashed TCP/RFCP’s third practice battle. The two banned brothers stood strong.

RFCP maxing 18. We said that IW thinks about us so much, they write about us in their diary…

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