What Would You Do? There is a HUGE BATTLE, But Prior isn’t Anywhere to be Seen…

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–RFCP Reporter Pink is back with her second edition of “What Would You Do?”

This week’s “What Would You Do?” question is:

What would you do if there was a battle and Prior Bumble unexpectedly doesn’t show?

See what the army said!

Sha – If there was an important battle and Prior Bumble has not come, I would first text him and try to figure out where he is. If he didn’t reply, I’d probably call him. If he still didn’t reply, as General I would reassure the soldiers that it’s alright, and lead the battle in his honor and get us an RFCP victory. :salute:

Sillabye – I think I would just continue hyping up the battle like I always do, and continue getting people to come. If Prior couldn’t be there, I’d see who he was leaving in charge to do tactics and support them throughout the battle!

JustinTFC – Not sure. I’d probably DM him to see if he’s alright, or DM an officer about it, and see who can lead it.

PhantomTFC – If there was an important battle and Commander Prior can not come for it. The first thing i will do as a soldier is to inform Officers so that they know that what the situation is, and Officers can handle it (cuz I can’t lead at that time and this is what I can possibly do). Sadly I am not an Officer yet BUT WILL BE SOON.

Coolj – I’d probably dm him a lot and if he doesnt wake up I’d lead it myself and I’d tell anyone with his number to text him.

DabOn – I would probably warn the highest officer online that Prior didn’t come, and they would take it from there. If I was the highest rank online, I would probably ask for it to be postponed.

What would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!


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