Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issue 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— As the Recon Federation of Club Penguin celebrates its third anniversary, our Sunday Fun-Day paper is back to the printing press to keep you up to date on ALL the action. Read on to learn more about the celebration and the new changes your Officers are instilling!

This was a MONUMENTAL week in RFCP history. On Sunday, June 5th, we kicked the week off with a massive anniversary party! We started the evening with a max of 6 in a fun game of Gartic phone.

Following the game, everyone gathered in our beloved streaming app, KrispyTV (patent pending), to watch video celebrations of our army’s history. There was a max of 12 people sharing in on the fun.

Soon after the videos ended, soldiers flocked to Ukahala to our cherished Iceberg for a VERY special ceremony welcoming Prior Bumble back as the Commander of the RFCP!

While some watched from Discord, 9 Penguins logged on to witness former-Commander Coolj (re)oath in Prior Bumble as Commander of our esteemed army as celebrations erupted all across the Discord server. The revelry trickled over into the wee hours of the morning as 4 members logged on for a game of Skribbl at 3:30 a.m. EST and continued until almost 5:00 a.m.! Already, Prior’s return reinforced our title as the Army that Never Sleeps.

Monday we saw another Skribbl game with a max of 4. Two of our soldiers, Cpt. Chocolateyness and F.M. Aqua, seem very taken with Skribbl, so I decided to ask them both about why they liked the game so much.

“It’s a way for a group of people to just play around and make fun of other people’s drawings.”

“I’ve always liked seeing other people draw. I like seeing what people can create.”

On Wednesday, Commissar Coolj hosted trivia night in his casino! It was difficult to pin down a max as the conversation flowed rapidly, but an estimated 7 people were in attendance. Maj. DJChorusKid answered the most questions correctly and was our winner of the night, but everyone received Bumble Bucks for each correct answer they received (since the trivia was not strictly RFCP themed, BB just for playing was not awarded).

Following the trivia game, Prior Bumble hosted a 1v1 Chess Tournament where he took on two of our soldiers in an online Chess game. True to his nature, Prior wiped the digital board against his opponents, despite the valiant fight they put up.

Thursday night, Prior Bumble hosted his first Storytime event since his return as Commander. While the story photos were sent to our #storytime-with-papa-prior Discord channel, the event was hosted on RFCP’s private CPPS, Ukahala, at the Stage. Everyone settled down into their sleeping bags and drifted off into a magical slumber as Prior read the story Ferdinand.

On Friday evening, Col. VoidWalker hosted a pretty fetch movie night. The most voted for movie was Mean Girls (2004), not Morbius (2022). Six people joined in to sit back, eat popcorn, and watch Regina George get hit by a bus.

A little bit of Dragon Tales may have happened this week as well.

Finally, on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST, we hosted a beautiful training event on Ukahala with a max of 9. Col. Voidwalker led the tactics, and the honorably retired Gen. Tumbling partook!

This Week In RFCP History

  • The Art of Warfare by Prior Bumble was released on June 5th, 2021, as a gift to the army! To read it, or re-read it, you can find it here.
  • On June 5th, 2020, RFCP established the ECHO. This document declared RFCP as a real-world organization, expanding beyond the realms of Club Penguin and the internet.
  • On June 5, 2019….well, you know!

Interview with Commander Prior Bumble

This week, I decided that it was only fitting to sit down with the man behind the curtain, Prior Bumble! We welcomed him back as Commander this week, so read on to find out exclusive details about the present and future of RFCP.

I’m sure that, as you retake the reins as Commander, several people are wondering, what is your favorite type of sandwich?

This is a serious question which I thought the Priortorian Guards made clear to you was confidential information. However, since I like you, I will answer: My favorite type of sandwich is chicken salad. If it’s not chicken salad, it’s gotta be hot.

That sounds delicious. All jokes aside though, how does it feel to be back in command? I know the army has been beyond thrilled to see you return to the helm!

I feel the weight of the hope vested in me. But not all of it feels like being “back.”
In some ways, I will always be the Commander.

If the server lighting up like the 4th of July when you come online is any indication, we have always seen you as Commander, regardless of your status. For the second time in RFCP history, we have TWO Commissars! How did you come to that decision?

Ha! That is a great question which shows me you realize having two Commissars is extra-Constitutional (in other words, it is against the Constitution to have more than one Commissar, 2ic). However, the context around the last time this happened is identical to this time: a standing Commander resigned the 1ic position to make room for my return, but wished to stay enlisted. It seems unfair to demote the Commissar or to give the former Commander a 2-ranking demotion, so having two Commissars avoids injustice to either. When/if one of the current two Commissars retires or requests a demotion, the one-Commissar-only rule will resume. For now, breaking the code of the Constitution in this special circumstance is permitted. That’s because it has historical precedent, and well, because I said so. And giving the Commander final, absolute authority IS Constitutional!

I believe you were actually quoted last time as saying because you “are the goddamn Commander.” A fully bad a** response, in my opinion. We’ve been having several secret meetings in the command room regarding the future of RFCP, is there anything you can tell the soldiers about the discussions?

Other than what I revealed about the Two-Phase Plan in the June 6 blog, the only other thing I can share with the soldiers at this time is that #command-room has tripled in activity just as the regular channels have. Your hicom is talking.

It absolutely is! Do you have anything you’d like to say to the army as a whole?

I never stopped loving you.

We never stopped loving you either, Prior!

Puzzles and Games

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(would it though?)

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