In Celebration of RFCP’s 2nd Anniversary, “The Art of Warfare” Releases

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–June 5, 2021 marks the second year anniversary of our army’s founding. As a gift to his army, Prior Bumble published a book of verse for the soldiers to enjoy and study, covering essential strategies of warfare. Read on for more!

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin held nothing back this week as it celebrated its 2nd anniversary on June 5th, 2021.

Readers can expect a detailed blog post highlighting all of our anniversary activities (including a commemorative video!) soon. For now, however, we will underscore the monumental gift the army received in honor of this occasion:

The Art of Warfare, by Prior Bumble.

That’s correct: Commander Prior Bumble wrote his own version of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in a canonical style including 100 verses on Power, War, Leadership, and Love.

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Sun Tzu

For those unfamiliar, Sun Tzu (544-946 BCE) was a military strategist and General during the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China. His book, The Art of War, outlines his advice to army commanders and philosophical leaders. The book is still taught in military academies to this day, and has been applied usefully to dominate in other fields as well, such as business and self discipline.

For days before June 5, Prior hinted that he was preparing a huge birthday gift for the army. He emerged from retirement for this week only to help make the anniversary special, and could be seen active around the server, all the while preparing for his grand announcement.

This special project was kept a secret until Prior announced it in #news as the very last event of the anniversary on the evening of June 5. The immediate reactions were awe and excitement. As soldiers rushed to read the text, others gathered in #voice-chat to listen to Dr. Redovyco recite the entire treatise aloud.

The writing is both literal and non-literal, detailing Prior Bumble’s unrhetorical wisdom for defeating other Club Penguin armies on the battlefield, and at other times offering figurative navigation for life and purpose. In this way, the work is valuable to anyone interested in becoming a more effective first-in-command.

Like The Art of War, Prior Bumble’s The Art of Warfare is organized with verse numbers so as to be easily referenced and memorized. It is designed to be read both individually as verses and altogether as complete theses. The first number refers to the book (Power = Book 1, War = Book 2, Leadership = Book 3, and Love = Book 4), and the second number refers to the verse within that book. A period separates the two numbers. There are 25 verses per book.

Some of our favorite examples from the AoW (as it’s been abbreviated to) include:

But there are endless other inspiring, comforting, and hallowing treasures within this tome for soldiers and friends of the army to discover. Something new will always be found in each rereading.

What does this book mean for the army going forward? Certainly, it is not meant to be appreciated only on our anniversary. The Art of Warfare is the first book of strategy ever to be published by a Club Penguin Army commander. It is now an enormous part of RFCP’s legacy, and a staple of our unrivaled culture and lore. A link to the book earned a permanent home in our Nation page of the website, which chronicles significant features of our national identity.

Upon receipt of the enthusiastic reception, Commissar Hamster promised several RFCP-U classes devoted to study of the AoW. Prior even pledged to publish a physical version of the (copyrighted) tome acquirable in the RFCP store. And everyone, of course, welcomed the “culty” haters to keep on hatin.’

“Above all,” said Prior, “this book is a testament of my love for my army. It never goes away. It never will. In the days and nights I took to write this, I was always thinking of you. Even from afar, I wanted to make this anniversary meaningful.”

We encourage all soldiers to read the AoW and discuss it.


You forever belong to my soul. Happy 2nd anniversary!”

–Prior Bumble, translated roughly from Penguin Latin

This post was commemoratively marked as published on June 5, 2021. Actual publication was June 11, 2021.

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