Sunday Funday Volume 2, Issue 4: Anniversary Update!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—After an incredibly busy anniversary week for RFCP, Editor Hamster is here to recap our amazing second birthday in this long blog! Yep, we are using the same headline as last week’s paper, because we just aren’t done talking about this awesome celebration! Read on to hear about all of the festivities that truly made the anniversary week memorable!

Celebrating 2 Years of RFCP!

Two years of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin already!!!!  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating our FIRST anniversary!  The Officers and soldiers alike know that this is a major reason for revelry. Most armies rarely survive through their first months, but RFCP is not your average army. So of course a major celebration needed to be in store for our incredible family!  

Schedule of events graphic


To kick-off our anniversary week, we started out with a scavenger hunt on Sunday. Commissar Hamster, Gen. Microhamster, and Field Marshal Arne worked together to create a fun scavenger hunt where soldiers had to visit certain locations on the Club Penguin map based on riddles!  

Soldiers were provided a list of 8 riddles that each corresponded to a location that was an influential part of RFCP history.  When they found the room, they had to take a screenshot of themselves in the room and send it to Hamster.  Those who found all 8 rooms would be given one final riddle to find the secret room!

Here are the riddles–can YOU figure out which rooms are being described?  Answers at the very end of the blog!

Room 1- The room where it all began, with some penguins, a chair, and one historic man.

Room 2: We stand strong on our sacred ground, when we battle here, we never mess around.

Room 3: The Officers never tire as they recite their special oath here by the fire.

Room 4: Regardless of puck or ball, in this room RFCP wins them all.

Room 5: Protecting the owner of this shop was hard, but Prior Bumble did it without any regard.

Room 6: A wide open area, suited for RFCP’s large max, before our epic battle here, there is no time to relax.

Room 7: Battling here snowballs fly, in order to win, on your leader you must rely.

Room 8: Open a book, you never know what you can find, read by a man who is the most kind.

BONUS ROOM: Room 9. A room where the RFCP based its name, plan your secret missions here to prepare for your game.


We may be a Club Penguin army, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our anniversary on Minecraft Monday!  This week, instead of traditional survival mode, we had a creative contest to see who can build the best RFCP-related builds in Minecraft.  The submissions were posted in the #polls chat for soldiers to vote on!  Here are our winners!

Lieutenant Rose
Corporal Kona
Commissar Hamster


On Tuesday, the hicom delivered some terrible news! Commander Prior Bumble had been kidnapped by the evil Berapin: the backwards impostor of Perapin, owner of the pizza shop!!!! But, as anyone in army based on reconnaissance should be, our soldiers knew just what to do!  We immediately headed to the EPF Command Room to plot how to rescue our founder!

With the help of some passerby, we were able to track down Berapin and rescue Prior Bumble!  Fortunately, Prior was not hurt, so we convinced him to stay in our server for the anniversary!


On Wednesday, we marked the 1 year enlistment anniversary of Vizconde Don.  We are so proud of your hard work, Vizconde, and we love you!

We also had a Storytime with Papa Prior! After a vote, the soldiers made it clear that they wanted an original story read by Prior!

The story was full of meaning and included a sweet, symbolic message to the army (which we felt was too sacred to post publicly). If you’re enlisted, you can reread it (or hear it for the first time if you missed it) in the channel #storytime-with-papa-prior. We would love your input on its loving themes.


Thursday marked a fun RFCP Skribblio event!  Participants had to draw out RFCP-themed words and phrases, which led to a lot of fun guessing!  

(Hamster would be very upset if you didn’t know our own capital!)


On Friday, we counted down until our official Anniversary Day! We celebrated by reenacting one of our most climactic battles in the War of Smoke and Sour against the Lime Green Army (LGA).  Afterwards, of course we had to celebrate our victory with a classic party at good old Lucky’s Bar!  Prior even got up and sang a duet with Coolj…

Translation: “Happy Second Anniversary!” Translated from Penguin Latin.

The duet was “A Whole New World,” with Prior dressed as Aladdin and Coolj as Princess Jasmine. They called their musical acapella group “The Two Commanders.” Don’t worry, we’re gonna post that video soon on our RFCP YouTube page. We’re dying to see it again too.


As June 4th came to a close, we soon began counting down until midnight of June 5th!  Our anniversary countdown was highly celebrated and hyped!  

And it was upon us!

RFCP had a lot of surprises prepared for our anniversary day. Commissar Hamster spent the week compiling pictures for the annual anniversary slideshow. While the original release time was delayed on multiple occasions, we finally had the showing of the incredible 26 minute film at 10:00 PM EST.

Prior was late to our first showing, so, naturally, we had a second showing right after!

The video was very well received, including a speech from yours truly, a slideshow of our best and funniest memories over the years, a video of one of Prior’s singing performances (“All Star”), RFCP fan art, memes, and some tear-jerking testimonies from soldiers and officers finishing it off. It was a truly incredible time capsule of RFCP lore and culture.  You can view it here on YouTube if you missed it.

But the night wasn’t over just then…. 

After the showing of the film, Prior had an incredible surprise planned for us:

The army was blown away by this incredible gesture! Prior’s book, “The Art of Warfare,” contains 100 beautiful verses and quotes by our very own founder, commemorating our second anniversary. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible Father who bestowed upon us such a generous and historical gift!  

A blog was posted about this unprecedented event a few days ago, which you can read in full here, or view the entire book of verses here.  A physical copy of the book is also available to purchase with Bumble Bucks!  Contact banker Commissar Hamsterlover or banker Gen. Sillabye for more information!

Dr. Redovyco was planning on reading the book in #voice-chat just then, when Commissar Hamster announced there would be one last surprise for the night…

Another surprise?  How many surprises would there be on this anniversary?  

Since the surprise was already approved by the commander who was not present, Hamster took matters into her own hands (or, well, paws). In an authoritative voice, the Commissar began to speak:

Since Prior was the first enlisted member of the RFCP, it is fitting that he received the very first official “2 Years of Service” medal!!!!  This stunning medal was designed by Gen. Microhamster and is similar to the “1 Year of Service” medal.  As of the first draft of this blog, Prior is the only recipient of this medal, being the eldest original RFCP veteran! (UPDATE: Dr. Redovyco, by order off Prior Bumble, is the second recipient, having joined the army officially only moments after Prior in 2019). We hope that many more members will receive this incredible honor as time goes on!

Look at that beautiful medal!

As the day of our anniversary came to a close, Prior Bumble said his last words before returning to his retirement.

While our celebrations may have come to a close, there is a lot more planned for the future of the RFCP!  You can expect this summer to be lots of fun! Remember….

The Feddies are in August!

Games and puzzles

Crossword Unscramble: Unscramble the RFCP themed words and put them into the crossword puzzle!  All correct submissions will receive $200 Bumble Bucks!  (Put that nice chunk of money towards your physical copy of the Art of Warfare!)
Sudoku: Each row, column and box must have one of each number!  For this anniversary week, all correct submissions will get $200!  

Note: Please submit all completed puzzles to the #contest submissions channel in the server, or DM Commissar Hamsterlover. You can submit a digital copy or a picture of a printed out copy!

Weekly meme

Congratulations again to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin on its Second Anniversary!  I am incredibly proud of you all for making this army the beautiful and loving place that it has become.  You will always be loved and treasured in this server.  Here’s to many more anniversary celebrations in the future!  

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! As always, stay hydrated and have an amazing week!  Happy Birthday, RFCP!


Answers to the scavenger hunt:

Room 1: EPF Command Room

Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3: Cove

Room 4: Stadium

Room 5: Pizza Parlor

Room 6: Dock

Room 7: Snow Forts

Room 8: Stage

Room 9 (bonus room): EPF Reconnaissance Room

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